Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aarti-st profile - Aarti Verma

Aarti-st...Aarti...get it? Ok sorry...couldn't resist that :)

One thing that never ceases to amaze me these days is the incredible amount of young talent I see every day, in my very own desi neck of the woods. People, only a few years out of college who are successful textile designers, handicrafters, potters, artisans, artists and social reformers trying to revive dying skills. There is Neha of Matsya, Abhilasha of Mish Mash, Rachana and her gorgeous clutches and Ritika of Mora......not only do these gals have the talent and the creative gene oozing out of every youthful pore, they have the entrepreneurial chutzpah it takes to turn their dreams into reality. People are thirsting for such originality, the design climate in India is ripe for creativity and talent to flourish. 

The newest toddler to enter this arena is Aarti Verma of Art meets Fashion. True to its name, the company deals with hand painted and handcrafted fashion like handbags and kurtis, as well as home decor accessories - cushions, jewelry boxes -  which are an amalgamation of art and fashion. But her hand painted handbags, clutches, totes and sling bags are really what grab your attention. Fun, funky, quirky, über cool and edgy.....not only will they make a statement, they are so totally functional. If you're a fashionista it will only up your "fashion quotient". If you're a total fashion misfit - like me - it will upgrade you to a fashionista! 

Take a look....
The "Fashionista" collection

From the "On the Ramp" collection
The "Madhubani" collection - easily my favorite. Is that a surprise?

From the "African Inspiration" collection - paired with some big chunky jewelry, you'll be a smashing success!

 The "Tribal Inspiration" collection. Add a turban and some colorful!

From the "Gods and Goddesses" collection. When did Ganesha ever look so cool?

And here are pics of her other work...cushion covers, tunics and kurtis

To see more, or to snag some of these goodies for yourself, go to her Facebook page or the website. Happy shopping!
P.S. And just in case you're wondering, who does the paintings....? The girl is a fabulous artist herself. Here is a sampling.....

Check out her sketch blog. All this talent in one tiny (yes, she is petite) package...? Not fair!!!


Ambika said...

Smartly designed, the products look awesome! Let me hop over to fashionmeetsart right away, thanks to this post!

GB said...

"Toddler", LOL! Big fan of her work, Love her new line of bags and clutches--truly wearable art!

Tanvi said...

She has grown by leaps and bounds in last year. Really sweet as well as talented girl! :)

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Sound Horn Please said...

Have been following her for a while now.. Quite talented!