Friday, April 15, 2011

And the winners are....

It's time! Time to pick the winners of the giveaway(s).

{A little update: Many of you know I am here in Australia on vacation. I had the thrill of meeting Aparna yesterday! Yes, the very same 9/30 Aparna who handed me the giveaway jewelry and is as stunning and cheerful as her jewelry! And I'll be honest....I knew what the earrings looked like, but when I saw the real things, I wanted to scrap the whole giveaway thing, say blogger had suddenly deleted my blog, go into hiding and keep the earrings for myself! Yes, they are THAT GORGEOUS!!!!}

But my conscience would not let me do that :-) like I promised, I went to and picked the 2 winners!


Congratulations to both of you! 

Sarvani.....your choice of earrings, the lava black rondells will be mailed to you mid May, so please be patient :-)'re in Dubai!!! Give me an email address so I can get in touch with you! Or you can e mail me. Elisha will love playing with these red beauties :-)
Thank you all for participating as well as your lovely comments! 


Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. lovely!! Congrats to the winners!! And yes.. I've met Aparna as well.. she is an awesome person!! :-) And her jewellery is as lovely as she is.. :-) Hope you are having a lovely time!

GB said...

Lucky girls! and lucky you, got to meet KG and all......

Shilpa Kamath said...

Congratulations to the winners of the beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Kamini I really hope you give away one of your paintings in your next giveaway and fingers crossed if you ever do :)

Sayantani said...

Congrats to the proud owners of these beauties.

Shalini said...

Woweee! I won! When I saw my name, I thought, nah, it must be another Shalini! Thanks so much, I love these :-)) And yes, Elisha will have another pair to tug at!

I'm going home on vacation to India, so it's better that you mail them there....will email you the details.

Shruti Sethi said...

@Sarvani and Shalini - Congrats gals {:

@kamini - Thanks sweets for the luvly giveaway..was fun participating! {:{:

Stay good!
Shruti Sethi

brinda said...

wow!!congrats to the lucky winners!!
kamini hope to win atleast in ur nxt giveaway when r u announcing it!;)

shikha choudhary said...

HI Can i get your email id.