Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back on the blogging bandwagon

I feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Only unlike the Phoenix I seem to be rising again and again.

I know, I've been gone while. It was meant to be a few days off from blogging but I realize now its been almost 3 weeks!!! Too many other things have been taking up my time. Now that the rains are here and summer is over we have been busy getting our organic veggie garden up and running. I've been tinkering around with DIY's, blogging for Saffron Marigold, cooking some new vegan dishes, watching Mad Men season 4 and so on.

And I must admit I did run into a blogging wall...not a brick wall, but a heavy steel reinforced concrete wall!!!! I could not for the life of me come up with interesting things to write about. Beautiful rooms, design ideas, cool store finds...all been there done that! I could not write a post without running the risk of someone else already having blogged about it. A year ago I had post ideas coming out of my ears and could not keep up...but now.....nada, zilch, nothing!!!!

But today, even though I run that risk of repeating something, I must feature designer Katie Leede. I think it was Bhavna of An Indian Summer who featured her a while back? I am not sure.

Katie creates lush, livable interiors that reflect their personal spirit and is known for her bold use of color and love of texture and beautiful textiles. She especially enjoys bringing a contemporary edge to traditional homes and a feeling of old-world comfort to more modern houses through the use of antiques, art, and great furniture. Her goal is to create magical places where time stands still and her clients love to be.

Here are some gorgeous interiors by her that are really inspiring me.

Its true what they say about your design style evolving as you grow older. I find nowadays I am getting drawn to more texture and layering in interiors, quite a change from the clean lined clutter free look I have been embracing all these years!

To see more of Katie Leeds, go here.


Shalini said...

Hello there! Yeah, that happens to me too.

Love the headboard...the fabric embroidery one.

Nayana Donga said...

gorgeous....always loved ceiling with wooden beams...beautiful printed fabric every where..beautiful work!

Sumana @ Colours in my mind said...

Gorgeous pics. Love the bedside lamp on the 2nd pic as well as the partial headboard is drawing me and the wall art on the 5th pic, infront of the work desk.