Monday, September 12, 2011

Morocco - I never tire of you!

I think it was either the cushions that Susmitha won in the giveawayor a program I watched last evening on TLC's Feast Bazaar.....that has put me in a "Morocco state of mind" (which is actually very easy to do). If you're like me, then you cannot get enough of this absolutely enchanting country. If you have had enough of Morocco, then I suggest you ditch this post.....and get back to whatever productive thing you were doing :-)

Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Essaouria....we've heard all about them. Riads, souks, kilims, tagines - been there, done that!

But have you heard about Kasbah du Toubkal, a unique hilltop fort set at the base of Mt. Toubkal in the Atlas mountains, North Africa's highest mountains that offers supported treks??? It will take your breath away, and no, I don't mean because its set at such a high altitude, but because it is a stunning piece of sustainable Berber hospitality at its finest, that is winning awards left and right - and deservedly so.

The Kasbah is set above the village of Imlil, employs only locals, sources all its food locally, and funds the Village Association. It offers a vast range of accommodation options, from simple Berber salons to private guest rooms with hot showers and spectacular little balconies. In between the two, are the rooms at Dar Imlil, a convenient and comfy guesthouse down in the village. The latest addition is a beautiful garden house next to the Kasbah.

Staff are on hand to cook your meals, offer mint tea and snacks when you return from your trek...aaahhhhhhh!
View of the Kasbah from Dar Imlil

View from room
Dar Imili, Deluxe room
Garden House
Kasbah Terrace
Breakfast on the balcony - Garden House
Garden House
Dining Room
Garden House dining area
Dar Imlil
Dar Imili - Dining on the Terrace
Dar Imlil, Deluxe Room
Garden House bath
See? No explanations necessary right? Read more here.

I like being Indian and all, but I want to be born a Moroccan in my next life....maybe if I channel enough things Moroccan in this life, it could happen.....?


Rupa said...

I love all things Moroccan too(OK, I love all things French too but that's a diff story). I think it's because the colors/rich textures etc are appealing to our Indian hearts. I find it funny that a lot of western designers use Indian fabrics/artifacts when they are doing spaces to be in Moroccan style. HGTV has several shows where I see this often (including my fav David Bromstad!).

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Beautiful place to visit. Looks so relaxing, too.

Shalini said...

Wow, this brought back memories. We almost booked a stay here when we first moved to Dubai 4 years back. Then, since the whole family was getting together in Blr and Kerala, we went there instead.

I was very impressed about how the local community is part of this set up.