Sunday, September 18, 2011

Me OCD??? Uh...think again!

I've been accused of being OCD - meaning I have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In my case, its about neatness and being tidy! I know I've nagged my poor husband and son to death about this over the last so many years, and every time they said I was OCD, I strongly protested! But honestly, sometimes I wondered if I really was...?

Granted, I've eased up over the years - I pick my battles now. But all those years I wish I had known about Ursus Wehrli, then I would have told them a thing or two!!! Who you ask is Urus??? Ursus is this Swiss artist and comedian who makes OCD's like me look downright messy! UW is "deranged tidy". 

To give you an example here is what he did to his bowl of alphabet soup (which OK I'll admit, I have been tempted to do but never did). 

Now that's OCD folks! And as if that's not are some more examples....

He took a pine branch, broke it into sub-branches, and then separated and sorted the needles? (though it's kind of fascinating that the needle count on the two branch pairs are precisely equal.)

He was able to recruit a bunch of totally cooperative Swiss kids, moms, dads, grandparents to come to a local park to hang out, after which they were re-sorted by gender, age and size.
Bowl of fruit??? 
 There he goes again......
And this one of a beautiful starry night....obviously all done in his head, but still....

Me OCD? I think not!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Its raining giveaways....

Yes, another giveaway! Right on the heels of mine and Priya's, we now have Anu of MDC giving away a fabulous handbag! 

And if you are a "typical normal female" then you know that a girl can never have enough handbags!!!!! I mean, you could have 30 in your closet, but trust me there will be that one occasion when not one of the thirty is right for the occasion.

So, here is what she is giving away....this blue Ikat crescent shaped Hobo from Tignanello
I have never heard of Tignanello, so I googled it and then I goggled it!! Lovely lovely stuff. 

So hurry on, follow the instructions and normally I would say "All the best, hope you win"...but not this time, cos I want this one!!!!!! YES! 

So all I'll say is "May the best woman win"!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lantern love!

Scored this baby last month as I was cruising down a street.......! A glass mosaic lantern.
I saw a few hanging from a tree and an old lady sitting by the tree selling them....! She must have been 80 years plus. I've seen these before in places, and on one of my trips to Goa almost bought a ridiculously priced one...but the thought of having to carry it back in my hand baggage stopped me.
 So this is how our conversation went:

Me: Kitne ka hai? (How much is it?). Theek daam bolo. (Give me a decent price)

Lady: Pandra sau rupaii (Rs 1500/$35). 

Me: Pandra sau??? Nahi nahi, paanch sau ko dede na. (Rs 1500?? No, no, give it to me for Rs 500/$12)...bracing myself for a haggling match to follow to settle somewhere in between.

Lady: Theek hai, le lo! (Ok, you got it!!) 

I almost died in shock. What a bargain huh?

So the electrician came by yesterday and wired it for me. Its hung where I can see it from my studio. I love it.

Not the greatest night shot ( I need a better camera)...but here's what it looks like all lit up....

All the work that has gone into it...sometimes I feel  a twinge of guilt that I got it so cheap and bamboozled the old lady...? But she didn't argue at all????

I just realized this is my third "Moroccanny" post in one week!!! 

Another giveaway....

Yes, but this time its not on my blog, but on Priya's blog at OUATT!

For those that didn't win in my giveaway, here is another chance to win similarly fabulous linens from Le Attiser! And the best thing is its open to India and US readers! YAY!

So hurry on over to her blog, and follow the really easy instructions and sit back to have your name picked! All the best!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Morocco - I never tire of you!

I think it was either the cushions that Susmitha won in the giveawayor a program I watched last evening on TLC's Feast Bazaar.....that has put me in a "Morocco state of mind" (which is actually very easy to do). If you're like me, then you cannot get enough of this absolutely enchanting country. If you have had enough of Morocco, then I suggest you ditch this post.....and get back to whatever productive thing you were doing :-)

Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Essaouria....we've heard all about them. Riads, souks, kilims, tagines - been there, done that!

But have you heard about Kasbah du Toubkal, a unique hilltop fort set at the base of Mt. Toubkal in the Atlas mountains, North Africa's highest mountains that offers supported treks??? It will take your breath away, and no, I don't mean because its set at such a high altitude, but because it is a stunning piece of sustainable Berber hospitality at its finest, that is winning awards left and right - and deservedly so.

The Kasbah is set above the village of Imlil, employs only locals, sources all its food locally, and funds the Village Association. It offers a vast range of accommodation options, from simple Berber salons to private guest rooms with hot showers and spectacular little balconies. In between the two, are the rooms at Dar Imlil, a convenient and comfy guesthouse down in the village. The latest addition is a beautiful garden house next to the Kasbah.

Staff are on hand to cook your meals, offer mint tea and snacks when you return from your trek...aaahhhhhhh!
View of the Kasbah from Dar Imlil

View from room
Dar Imili, Deluxe room
Garden House
Kasbah Terrace
Breakfast on the balcony - Garden House
Garden House
Dining Room
Garden House dining area
Dar Imlil
Dar Imili - Dining on the Terrace
Dar Imlil, Deluxe Room
Garden House bath
See? No explanations necessary right? Read more here.

I like being Indian and all, but I want to be born a Moroccan in my next life....maybe if I channel enough things Moroccan in this life, it could happen.....?

Matchy matchy!

Not only is this room so so so beautiful and Moroccan in ambience.....
.......but its oranges and grays match the new colors on my blog! 
Corny reason to post I know....but I had to share! :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer lotus!

This baby bloomed in our garden today.
We get about 3-4 lotuses every summer, they make rare appearances, but when they do they take my breath away with their beauty! Easily, the most beautiful flower on the planet!!!

Just wanted to share with you all! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Drum roll please.....

OK, deep breath......the winner of the Saffron Marigold cushions giveaway is....

# 63, that's Susmitha. YAY! Congratulations Susmitha. 

Your pick was Sultan's Palace....which just happens to be my absolute favorite too, knowing my love affair with Morocco!

This is going to look really stunning in your home. Send me your email as well as your postal address in the US, and I'll make sure they get shipped over to you right away! Email it to me at

That was so much fun! Thank you all so much for participating and "liking" my Facebook page. And don't be discouraged if you didn't win....I'll be having another giveaway around Christmas time!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Onam and bloggie facelift!

Happy Onam to all my Keralite friends! 

For those who are unfamiliar with Onam, my post last year explains what this festival is all about. We would normally have celebrated it, but because my father-in-law passed away this February, we do not participate in any festival celebrations for a year.

But, I do have some pictures to share with you. My mother sent these to me today. These are photographs taken about 70 years ago when my mom was a toddler and she and my grandmother are decorating the house with a flower rangoli pattern.

{A little side note - she was not able to scan them because she didn't know how to use the scanner, and my dad has no patience to teach anyone my helpless mother took pictures of the pictures...hence they are not of best quality}. 

But I will replace them with real scanned images tomorrow.

And yes, S & S got a facelift. For quite a while I felt the white writing on black was not real easy on the eyes and difficult to read, but I sort of ignored it cos I liked the colors. But finally, an honest reader complained....and I listened...and decided YES, it was time for a change, time to pick some colors that were more soothing to the eyes. I hope you all like it....I am open to all suggestions, compliments, criticisms, ideas....after all its you people who read the stuff. So tell me!!!