Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My big news and Happy New Year!

First of all, I apologize for this horribly long delay in posting, but once you read on you'll understand why it appeared like I fell off the planet!

Before anything else, I have to reveal the BIG NEWS I mentioned in my last post.

My husband and I are moving back to the US in April 2012. After almost 6 years in Hyderabad, we are moving back to Seattle. As of now its a temporary move, we hope to return in a few years or so, but anything can happen to change that. When we moved here in 2006 we had NO intention of going back, but things and events have a way of happening which completely turn things around. A company in Seattle which has been wanting to hire my husband Raga for years, finally got what they wanted! So - there's no telling when we will be back, but be back we will for sure....sooner or later.

It goes without saying that I am excited. I moved to Seattle when I was 23 and left when I was 45, so a good part of me belongs there. I love that city! And as much as I would like to call India home, I feel more at home in Seattle. But like anything else, there is a part of me that's a bit sad.....! India has this annoying habit of growing on you, like a rough blanket that irritates the skin but keeps you warm.....I complain about the noise, traffic, heat, dust, laziness and so on...but I know I will miss it. And most of all I will miss my parents with whom I have spent so much time. But that's an easily solvable problem.....they are only one - albeit looong - flight away! So I've threatened to send them tickets every year so they can come see me!!

So the last few weeks ever since we got back from the US has been a whirlwind of activity. I have had a house full of guests since I got back and it will continue for another week. Then we've had to get things ready to sell the house - this house that I simple LOVE but which has to go for all the practical reasons! Hordes of people have come and gone and we finally think we may have a deal....but I'll keep you all posted!

Its been almost a year since my dear FIL passed away and his first year ceremonies happen end January, and it is only after that that I can really start planning for the move. Even though moving is a hassle, playing "House House" all over again is so much fun and its a perfect excuse for me to shop.....saying "Oh we won't find this in the US, we better buy it here".....things like lovely Kantha bedspreads, blockprint linens, lovely teak furniture, artifacts and things! Then I've had to do a lot of research into pet travel cos we have to take our two canine babies along too....paperwork for their shots, kennels, crates, quarantine laws and so on. Then I've been scouring websites for homes and rentals so we have a place to stay in as soon as we get to Seattle.

So now you know why I have been a bad blogger. Hopefully I can post a few more between now and my move in March/April, but rest assured, once I settle down in Seattle and the creative Pacific Northwest juices start flowing again, I'll become "good blogger"!

So before I sign off for this year....a very Happy New Year to all of you! You folks have been great readers and commenters, and any self respecting blogger will tell you we need both to sustain us and keep us going! Thank you for that.

Happy New Year from me, my husband Raga, and my 2 pooches Junglee and Lucy! Have a great 2012!!!!