Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artist profile - Deborah Mori

While checking out one of my very favorite food blogs They Draw and Cook, last week, one recipe in particular grabbed my attention for its mind blowing colors and stunning graphics and presentation. It was this one, by one Deborah Mori in San Diego, CA. Curious, I peeked at her blog and knew I simply HAD TO contact her and do a feature on her. So I dashed of an e mail asking for her OK and happily enough I got a nice reply back from her.

Deborah Mori, a graphic designer by trade & an illustrator, writer, & painter by heart. , has designed, directed and created marketing / design materials for the past sixteen years. Most of those years being in the halloween industry, working with Disney, Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks, along with too many others to list. During this time, she also has been a painter and lover of all things creative, with a strong passion for the children's publishing industry.

Deborah calls herself passionately curious and is an advocate for self improvement and positive thinking and practices both on self, regularly. She has been known to say more than once, “It's a brand new day, find your happy life” and coincidentally is living hers.

She lives and works right outside of downtown San Diego with her small family of three people and a community of dogs, cats, turtles and numerous dust bunnies (This in itself puts her on a very high pedestal for me :-)

The book she illustrated is due out in stores early 2010. She displays her paintings at galleries and restaurants around town while exploring new, creative avenues for her art work.

Deborah is an illustrator, a graphic artist, a painer, a muralist and an author....! Take a look at some of the work of this amazingly talented person!
Illustrations for childrens' books!

 Graphic Designs

Her inspirational paintings

Beautiful wall murals (this one's for you Patty!)

She also paints on furniture

You can shop for her stuff here and also read her other blog here!

Thank you Deborah, for letting me do this!


GB said...

Lovely playful work!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

how delightful...what a talented lady.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Love her work! Especially liked her butterflies and flowers kiddy rooms...I hope Pats sees this too, it's great inspiration!

Loved the painted furniture too, and those inspirational posters! Off to check out more of her work. Thanks Kamini!:)

life without novacaine said...

Kamini, You are much too kind! Thank you for the lovely shout out and I will be checking back to see more of your fun-tastic blog!
Kindly, Deborah