Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

Today I am linking up with Patty of Colours Dekor for Tabletop August! Check out Patty's blog...its as colorful, cheerful and happy as she is!
So the rules were that I could post pics of ANY tabletop in the house...so I went a bit crazy.

My bedroom nightstand - thats my great great grandmother's photo in the foreground....and my maternal great grandparents in the back with my grandparents and the baby is my mom!!!
My dining room sideboard...thats a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired screen I made in design school, 3 glass panes sand blasted with his designs!
The bar cabinet in the family room
My assorted paintbrushes on my studio table
Succulent growing on my coffee table
End table in family room


SuhaelAmrita said...

I love the way the green intersperces with the decor. Always blends in to give that perfect look.


Patricia Torres said...

So gorgeous.. One table better and prettier than the next.. Thanks so much for doing this post.. .Means a lot.. :-)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Wow, wow, wow!!

GB said...

Lovely!...I have to put up my pics as well... :)

Sudha said...

so beautiful :)

PreeOccupied said...

Very inspiring and very exquisite. Love the colors and the earthiness.

Abz said...

I love your blog... thanks so much for the awesome awesome comment on the art work! :)!!!

Anonymous said...

All the things in your home are just perfect..!