Friday, August 20, 2010

The weekend song!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be entertaining some guests tomorrow and feeding them some good old fashioned South Indian soul food - Masala Dosas, Chutney and Sambar for lunch.....
followed by Kheer, (rice pudding with flecks of saffron and slivered almonds) for dessert!
That should put us all in a pretty soporific state, so to revive us, some South Indian filter coffee, or as we say "kaapi"!
Then if I have any energy left and the carb bombs haven't killed me yet, I may get on with my packing, printing, gift wrapping, note making, to-do list checking off...and then hit the treadmill, maybe.....

For those of you who need some inspiration to just take a break and let the housework be, here it is:

Tomorrow Can Wait/The Weekend Song by Anita Atina

Languid repose
Piled up chores
Everything’s waiting
For my cheery doze
The appointments, the laundry
The house is in a mess
Don’t want fresh clothes
Undressed is best
When the music curls up slowly
In a drowsy haze
Oh its so nice to lie down
Under the sun’s warm gaze
The rushing and the buzzing
For the week is done
And finally its the weekend
To soak up the sun!


Anonymous said...

Friday morning here but I am ready for the weekend! We have family visiting on Sunday, so looking forward to that. Your lunch plans sound wonderful!
Have a great weekend, Kamini!

GB said...

Oh, Kamini, can you really whip up masala dosas like those? I'm salivating sitting over here......drooool. I have some painting and wrapping and posting of my own to do... ;). Oh Glee!!!

Komali Nunna said...

Great post, Kamini. Love that lotus pond. It reminds me of my village. I am having a house guest from Hyderabad this weekend. Planning to serve Hyderabadi biryani on Saturday and Masala dosa on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

purplehomes said...

wow...that will be one fun weekend...lovely pictures!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Ooh dosas!Have a lovely weekend!
Check my weekend blog post when free :) it features something done by a certain KR!


PreeOccupied said...

You inspired me, not to cook, but to eat. Off to Little India to eat dosaiiiiiiiii!

~Undercover Diva said...

looks delish! i love south indian food :)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh gosh.. How nice!!

Did I tell you.. my new inspiration for my home decor is 'lotus'.. Im not sure how to transform my thoughts into my living room decor.. But it will happen soon.. *wink* I hope!!