Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Designer profile - Jonathan Adler

Was surfing the web looking for fun stuff, when I found this picture and in spite of its somber colors found myself strangely attracted to it. There was something slightly Gothic and Victorian about it, yet the room had a sort of elegance to it, and that orange chair against that coffee background was really what appealed to me the most! The French gilded mirror, the retro orange chair, the inlaid Eastern side table, the Moroccan pouf, the zebra cushion...odd combination....but somehow it all looked pulled together.
A little more surfing revealed it was designed by one Jonathan Adler. JA has been described as a designer known for his "happy chic" approach to design and furniture. He started out as a potter by trade before entering the world of interior design. His is a unique blend of design which will appeal to almost anyone. Its cool and hip, retro and modern, elegant and refined, classic and timeless, global and worldly, weird and bizarre....all these things, and always with a little dash of orange thrown in for some zing and pop!

Take a look.....and you'll see what I mean!
Fun and happy
 An odd mix and match which strangely enough seems to work
 One word - colorful
Classic...except for the zebras....?
 Global chic
 The Jetsons come to the east....
 Swedish cool, absolutely love those white nailhead trimmed chairs
 Definitely the 70's touch here....
Bizarre and funky
 Love it....so refined
 Animal skin rug and Asian accessories...
 French country meets mid century modern
Its not often you come across a designer who can encompass so many different styles....well, here is one who definitely can andd has a style of his own!
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Rekha said...

Loved the wall accents(tear drop one) and the orange bedroom.

Designwali said...

Gorgeous rooms!

Patricia Torres said...

the drops are what I have my eyes on.. I'm painting a peacock.. and wanted some ideas.. on how to hand rain drops.. any ideas kamini? I've got this little slant wall.. and the intention is to hang drops..

I love the bursts of orange in all these pics.. Makes my day.. Totally love orange!!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Interesting rooms! Thanks for the lovely comments. Yes, u are right, guess mom and I do have things in common:-) The dog is Tuk Tuk and he is a darling!!

GB said...

Lovely---the nailhead trim chairs walked away with my heart!

Shalini said...

Lots of inspiring rooms. Really liked the rain drops on the wall.

Sound Horn Please said...

I am an Adler fan too :) In fact, I've even blogged about him. Glad to know we share this in common :)