Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer is almost here.....

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind.....

Summer is just around the corner here in India....I can feel it! All of a sudden, overnight practically, the air is warmer, I had to throw off my second quilt last night, I see flowers on our mango tree, the shadows are getting longer, my dogs are getting lazier, the birds are waking me up earlier with their chattering......and as the sun sets, I can smell the fragrance of the jasmine wafting down from the terrace to my bedroom below!

For those of you in the throes of a rotten winter - in the US and Europe - here are some images to keep you warm! Nothing conjures of visions of summer better than images of wispy, gossamer thin, white breezy curtains billowing in the breeze.....and take heart, and know that soon summer will be there!
Well I guess I better enjoy these pre-summer days, cos once it really starts to heat up, I'll be wishing it was winter again!


ishmi said...

I've admired you and your blog for a very very long time now although I've never dropped you a line. :-)
I love your genuineness that shines through in your pictures and your writing. And more so than ever today in your description of the advent of summer in Hyderabad...that was sheer poetry! I'm in Hyderabad too and summer has indeed made its presence felt, almost overnight.
Looking forward to reading more of your writing! :-)

Chrysalis said...

I can't tell you how this post gives me hope in the grey, cold, wet London winter :)
I am instantly reminded of all things summery...the koel singing, the mango trees readying to bear flowers and fruit, khus khus sharbats, surahi ka thanda pani :)

GB said...

Unfair! and right now the thought of wind blowing is giving me a headache!

Sound Horn Please said...

Summer is still such a long way of here Even a whiff is making me sigh..

Shalini said...

Such lovely photos! Makes me miss my old apartment. Must post the shot of the curtain blowing in the wind on my blog for you to see.

Now, we're in a high rise and the windows open upwards and outwards only about 8", so usually get a very slight breeze, or it's a gale force.