Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday giveaways!

One year ago at around this time, I was wiping the sweat off my brow gearing up for the launch of Saffron and Silk, putting the finishing touches on my blog, despairing about color and theme, agonizing over the name I had picked, trying out different templates, defining the content, finalizing the font, typing and re-typing my profile information so it was short and succinct but still descriptive enough, and last but not least, wondering if anyone would bother to read the blog, let alone comment.

Well, the time has flown by. My blog turns 1 year old today, the 28th of March,  and even though I still fret about content and font and theme, I know for a fact that there are people reading it. So for that, I am thankful to each and everyone of you that has read and/or commented on my rambling all-over-the-place posts this last year! I hope I can sustain your interest in it for more time....

So, as a HUGE THANK YOU and a celebration of my blog's first birthday....its time for a giveaway! 

{Now, it just so happens that my blog's birthday coincides with my birthday as per our Tamil calendar! For those wondering what on earth I am talking about, I have to apologize because it is way too complicated, I still don't get has to do with the sun and the stars and the moon, and the 27 segments the sky is divided into, and the 12 zones of the sky (the Zodiac), and the sun spending one month in each during one year, and the moon spending one night in each segment, so today is also the day the moon and the sun are co-horting in the same segment as they were the day I was born!!!! Sounds like 2 people having a clandestine affair!!!!}

In a nutshell, TODAY is the day my blog turns 1 year old, and if the venerated priests says it's the day I turn 50, who am I to argue? All the more reason to celebrate. 

So in honor of 2 birthdays I am doing a "double giveaway"! Here is what is up for grabs....these two pairs of lovely earrings made by the talented Aparna at Nine by Thirty

The first set of earrings has "faceted garnet with sterling silver beads and leaf hoops" 
And the second pair of earrings is - you're going to love this - "lava bead rondells with Bali sea shell silver beads with leaf hoops"!!!!

Now......a little something on Nine by Thirty. This is the brainchild of Aparna......a prolific writer and a chai-loving fellow Hyderabadi, also known to many blog readers as the Ketchup Girl! Not only does she have a totally wry, tongue-in-cheek approach to writing, the girl skillfully weaves silver into stunning jewelry as deftly as words into prose! Her witty writing leaves me rolling on the floor, her exquisite jewelry has me swooning on same said floor! Her caustic writing drips with sarcasm as much as her silver danglers drip with lustrous stones...(ok, so that was a weird analogy, but then SHE's the writer, not me:-). Then, as if writing and designing jewelry wasn't enough, the girl cooks like a dream. 

But, since I am giving away some bling bling made by her very own hands, here is a peek into some of the other stunners she has made...
A bloodstone and silver necklace
Cinnabar and silver hoops
and this, of which I recently became a proud owner...graduated sujilite with silver


So, what do YOU THE READER have to do to enter the giveaway? VERY LITTLE!

1. Leave a comment, one, or two or even three...three is the limit! Whether you leave 1, 2 or 3 comments, let me know which of the two earrings you prefer, which country you live in AND your e mail address/contact info. If you prefer not to reveal that information, you can alternately e mail me at, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE BLOG to be entered into the draw. That's it. 

2. This contest is open to residents of India, the US, UK and Australia! And of course anyone residing OUTSIDE of these 4 countries who is entering for someone residing INSIDE these 4 countries.

3. Say whatever you want in your comment....complain, rant, rave, nag, talk about the weather, what you had for lunch, cricket, your weekend plans...anything.....just as long as it is a comment. 

You don't have to blog, or tweet or Facebook the giveaway, unless you want to! Just have fun commenting!

I'll keep this open till the 15th of April, midnight IST, and then pick the winners using Of the two winners the one with the lower number will get first dibs, in other words the earring of their choice! Winners in Australia and India should receive their spoils by end April, winners from either the UK or USA will have to be patient and wait till end May to get theirs in the mail! :-)

Good luck to you all and DON"T FORGET YOUR E MAIL ADDRESS - either leave it on your comment OR e mail me!


Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday! Keep up the great job you are doing- blogging from the heart. The earrings look lovely!

The Ketchup Girl said...

So if i take part, what do i get? :D K, indeed very gracious of you to write those lovely words, far too unworthy of me! First of all, Happy Birthday, Tamil style, and Happy birthday S&S. Been a big fan of both of you! And thanks much for this lovely post, I'm going to cherish this always! All the very best and much love.And here's wishing S&S and you many more fun filled and beautiful years ahead :)

Shanthi said...

Happy Birthday Saffron and Silk and Happy Birthday Kamini. A lovely blog from a lovely lady. Lovely pairs of ear rings. Oh why is europe ( I mean other than UK) not in the list :-(. That is unfair. Could I know the reason as I see many many bloggers include only India and US for their give aways. You atleast had a couple of others :-). Just kidding. Wishing wonderful wonderful day and years ahead both for you and Saffron and Silk.

Sudha said...

a very happy the blog and the blogger :)

Kamini said...

I am commenting for my friends Meera Kohli who for some reason was not able to comment. Here goes:

"I recently returned to Facebook after an absence of eighteen months. I am glad that I did so as it has reconnected me with so many people with whom I am a 'friend' on Facebook, but not in regular email contact. One such person is Kamini. I truly enjoy reading her philosophical insights into the world as it is. Her blogs are written 'from the heart' and are full of love and understanding. Heartiest congratulations, Kamini, on your blog's first birthday and on your fiftieth. With best wishes and kind regards", Meera xx

Melani said...

Happy Birthday "Saffron and silk" and Kamini!!

Excellent reading.. :) Beautiful earrings.. :)

I loved the faceted garnet with sterling silver beads and leaf hoops.

At the moment, Australia is home. :)

Will make it a point to send contact information to you email address,

Just trying my luck, I've never won a competition, but I figured you got to be in it to win it. :)

Anpu said...

Happy Birthday Kamini...Sau saal jiyo! Wish you love, heath and happiness and prosperity...

Love your Blog - so happy birthday to your blog too

MindfulMeanderer said...

Happy Bithday Saffrom & silk & Kamini :)

I love ur blog, ur garden, ur home and ur paintings. Wishing u both many mnay happy returns of this day..

N those earrings are gorgeous.
I'd love to win the faceted garnet with sterling silver beads one cos the gold accents would go with my mangalsutra :)

Bhavna said...

Wah wah..two birthdays! :)

Happy Birthday dear Saffron & Silk, and a very happy tamil b'day to you kamini!

Sharon said...

Congrats Kamini, and happy bday to you and your blog!

What a lovely giveaway!

Aparna, your jewellry is beautiful!

I loved the faceted garnet with sterling silver beads and leaf hoops pair! :)

Sharon, India

Anonymous said...

* Firstly, happy birthday! Have a great year.
** Love the garnet earrings.
*** Love your posts..make interesting reading.

- Hima.

Vaayadi said...

Cricket fever catching up making me feel so tensed about everything....the only thing which comes to my mind when it comes to nail biting cricket shows or any crazy one's where India has to win , i have a stupid or my assumed connection that if i wear this hoop / chain - We win :) and yeah we did win the last match :) and i guess it is all in the lucky hoops i wore for the match and i will keep continuing it :)
It sounds a bit off the hook , but all that hangs in the ears brings in so much joy when it dangles for every move India strikes a 4 / 6 or wins a wicket :)

Uma vishwanath said...

Kamini... Many happy returns of the day to you and your wonderful blog. I love most of your articles and shared one of your blogs on my wall and a friend of mine is hooked. When we recently visited Seattle she said that it was an amazing blog and she follows it all the time. So in case manjiri doesn't make a comment..that's her comment for you :)
P.s the earrings look wonderful and I will be checking ketchup girls blog as well...

WhatsInAName said...

Hi there.
Delurking for selfish reasons :)) have been your silent admirer. Love your designs and tips and views. Here's wishing you a very happy star birthday and may you remain as young as always. Here's also wishing your blog celebrates many such milestones. Keep up the good work.
The give aways are so tempting that I couldn't stop myself from trying my luck. I loved the lava bead rondell hoops with bali seashell silver beads. I live in mumbai, india. And my id is
keeping my fingers crossed now :))

Meenakshi Sundar said...

Heres a wish from bottom our heart to a soulful person ...Iniya Pirandha naal Nal vaazhthukkal !!(Thats very happy Birthday in tamil)!Saffron & silk is a design blog with a twist...keep inspiring!!

Anuradha Bele said...

Congratulations on your double celebration! Love your blog, love the colors and abs adore your house! Lots of best wishes. P.S: All the jewellery looks great.

Swaathi said...

Hey Kamini :)

Happy Birthday to S&S and to its creator :D

Though I have been a recent visitor, I have really loved all my time here... I should really thank Patty to have introduced me to your lovely blog, thanks Patty :D

Aparna's creations rock :) Liked all of them :) Specially your lovely bracelet :D Great choice !!

Between the earrings, while I always love red, this time I will go with the "lava bead rondells with Bali sea shell silver beads with leaf hoops" - they are different and lovely :)

I live in India

My email address is -

Let me see how lucky I am :P

Wish you both a lovely b'day once again, keep Rocking :D

Shilpa said...

Birthday months are always special isn't it? My birthday falls somewhere near the mid of the month and the first half of the month goes anticipating all possible plans my hubby and friends would have planned to surprise me, have I given enough hints on what gift I want on the birthday and also contemplate about having to explicitly mention what I want so that they don't miss it. Birthdays are when the phone rings the most. Landline, personal number, office number,husband's number,Respond to e-mails, reply on Facebook. The second half of the month just passes by feeling older and also with a nagging sadness as I have to wait another year to celebrate the birthday.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday. S&S has been one of the most inspirational blogs for me. Thank you and good wishes.

Loved the pair with seashell silver beads .. :)..

Shilpa said...

Oh missed to give my emailId :

Anonymous said...

hope this birthday brings the greatest joy to both the blogger and the blog :). and wow thanks for introducing us to such stunning jewellery!

Sayantani said...

a very happy birthday to you and your lovely blog. Thanks for everything Kamini, for writing such beautiful posts, for inspiring me with those gorgeous gorgeous pictures of your home, for being such a beautiful person and for everything you talk about in this space. am awe struck by your creativity and capability. Its a pleasure knowing you through this virtual space.
between am eying that first earing.

tan d-n said...

oops my previous comment got published as anon without me completing my ramble! i have been looking out for an earring with black stones for quite some time now and the one with the lava rock is just stunning! so the gods of please listen to this plea :P and let moi win!
T D-N, India

Srimanasa said...

A very happy birthday to u Kamini and to the dear blog..which has become a daily refreshment dose to me.I wish u fifty more and I wish the first pair for myself:).

Paromita Biswas said...

Hello Saffron and Silk and Kamini.. :)
I am new to your blog and am simply loving it. And the best thing that today first time I am reading your blog and its the birthday post for both the lovely blog and the lovely lady. I am always the admirer of beauty and creativity and all the lovely things. The jewelery is beautiful. More I loved the "faceted garnet with sterling silver beads and leaf hoops". Lots and lots of love and best wishes to the awesome blog and the lady.. :)

Just a wish, if I can be the lucky winner for these lovely earrings :)
I stay in India.
My email id :

Lots of love

Frangipani Decor said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on the anniversary!

Garnet is my birthstone and I'd love to win the earrings in the first photo (even the second one is really lovely).

The jewelery is very pretty - I really liked that red bracelet.

Congratulations once again and here's to Year 2!

Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor
frangipanidecor at gmail dot com

Sanctified Spaces said...

Happy Birthday to your Blog and Happy Nakshatram Birthday to you.I have enoyed your posts and ur paintings.And what a lovely give away.They are to drool for pair of silvers.Congrats.

Sangeetha said...

Happy Birthday! (saying it twice in my head)

I love the rondell - gorgeous!

Commenting from Columbus Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the love,luck and happiness on your Birthday!
For the Giveaway,
(1)My choice of Earrings-Lava Bead Rondells(Black and Silver One)
(2)Live in USA


Shilpa said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday Kamini and congratulations on a successful year with S&S too. I've loved reading your posts during the past year and am looking forward to many more wonderful posts in the years to come.

Both pairs of earrings are lovely but if I do win I'd love the "lava bead rondells with Bali sea shell silver beads with leaf hoops"


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Happy bithday to you and your lovely blog. Love the earrings!!

Emreen said...

Happy birthday kamini..!!Happy Birthday to S&S to... Wishing both of you more and more glorious years in blogland ;-) ;-)

I love the first set of earrings... !!

Sound Horn Please said...

Happy B'day to S&S and the lovely person behind it- Tamil style of course! Aparna- have been a fan of your lovely jewellery for a while now :)

Shalini said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I always love to visit your blog, since I know you'll have something interesting to share.

I'm mad about earrings...have a huge collection of them, and now my little daughter loves to play with them and pull them when I'm wearing them. Out here, I love the first ones, with the garnet...looks delicate and playful.

kunalrohilla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
neha said...

Happy Birthday to you and your twin- Saffron and Silk!!
Been visiting your blog every week and enjoy your posts. The giveaway sounds exciting, especially the garnet sterling beads pair.

The S&S fan from California,

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Happy birthday to both of you!!
I can't believe that your blog is just a year old! You are such a wonderful and prolific writer!

I can't believe you turn 50!! You just don't look it!!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Comment #2: I know I should like the black and silver earrings better but I am a sucker for red!!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Comment #3: I live in San Diego, CA, USA

Mahes said...

Happy B'day!!! Love your blog.

Mahes said...

I liked Cinnabar and silver hoops & faceted garnet with sterling silver beads and leaf hoops. I hope I win :)
sona.s2011 at yahoo dot com

Mahes said...

I live in Los Angeles, CA, US.
sona.s2011 at yahoo dot com

brinda said...

a very happy bday to you Kamini and to saffron & silk!

time and again i have wondered how simple issues/experiences r expressed so well in ur blog tht it almost instantly strikes a chord with the reader..(including wht u had to say on ur apprhensions about starting a blog today...)

at times it feels like reading my own thots albeit from somebody whos of course a million times more articulate!!:)

keep up the great work and also keep the wonderful giveaways coming.;)

brinda said...

BTW i loved both but if i have to pick 1 i wud wish for the black and silver ones!!
i am based in mumbai and my email id is

Anonymous said...

I am in. I would like the first one. It looks like the gundu that separates my thali :). So I pick number 1 and the Chinese inscription one as I have tons of red outfits :).


Swapna said...

Hi Kamini
Your blog cheers me up.....a cup of tea and some wonderful blog like Urs....perfect Saturday afternoon.
Congratulations on turning 1. Looking forward to many more interesting reads.


Anu Gummaraju said...

Three cheers and whoops for both the birthdays! Hope u have a blast this year, both with urself and the blog :). It's been fantastic reading you and SO looking fwd to more. Of course, entering the giveaway and the earrings are to die for :). The second pair please, IF I win :D. Mail ID:

Soni said...

Happy double celebration! Love the first pair.

Sreelu said...

Kamini, a very very happy birthday to both you and your blog, can't believe that you are turning 50, you look way to young, I would like to age as graceful as you.

Lots of love and wishes on your special day.

If I win I would like to pick pair #2. Take care

RS said...

A very happy Birthday to both the blogger and the blog! Im unwell,with a bad back, stuck at home but I got some time all for myself! happily relaxing reading all your lovely posts :-)
I LOVED the first pair of earrings... Wish I win them!

RS said...

Oh! I forgot to add...

I LOVE your hyderabad home and I wish that some day I get the time to beautify my home too! Its an inspiration...

Rekha said...

Happy Birthday both to the blogger and the blog!!
For someone like me who is just setting up her home, your blog is an inspiration.Might i add that i simply love you the pics i saw of your home.Your library is to die for!!!
Here's wishing you (and your blog) many more wonderful & colorful years ahead.


Patricia Torres said...

Happy Birthday to two of my favs.. you and your blog.. I love you both..

I love.. Aparna's work.. her zest for life.. her blog... and her cooking.. I got to taste the biryani when I was in Aus... and yes!! she does do a fantastic job.. So if you are going go visit her... dont forget to ask her to cook some biryani...

Hope you have a fabulous holiday.. and I'll be missing you!! Aus is one of my favourite places... I'll be thinking of you for sure!! Have fun.. Love.. and hugs.. :-)

Meena said...

Thts a sooper co-incidence! Hope u had a gr8 day... N hv a excellent year ahead too! I hope u continue to paint the lives of all ur readers as colorfully a su hv been doing this lasy year...

Both pairs of earrings are lovely but if I do win I'd love the "lava bead rondells with Bali sea shell silver beads with leaf hoops"


Angela said...

I love your blog, your writing, your beautiful home, your artwork and your ideas. Here's wishing you many many more birthdays for S&S. And happy birthday to you too. God Bless. Both the earrings are beautiful but if I have to choose then I would the garnet with the sterling
Angela (from India)
P.S: And I hope hope hope India wins the match tomorrow. Go India.

Laxmi said...

Hi...Wish you and Saffron and Silk a very Happy Bday.

This is the first time I am going through your blog and believe me cant keep myself away from all your posts.
I loved them all.

And Yes about the earrings, they are awesome. Still if given a choice i would like to win the 1st one ;-)

Happy Holidays and Happy Blogging !!!

Le Cupcake said...

Happy Birthday Kamini, happy birthday to SS too :)

I really like "lava bead rondells with Bali sea shell silver beads with leaf hoops".

Now I am off to check out Aparna's jewelry.

she said...

Happy birthday, Kamini.

Greetings from Bangalore.
Came across your blog last week from one of the decor blogs I read. I'm loving it.

I studied engineering - wish I'd studied design instead! Still, I'm hoping it's not too late, and the bunch of design blogs I trawl through each day are an inspiration.

Thank you for blogging :)

PS: I'd love the garnet earrings.

Usha said...

Happy Birthday S&S and Kamini.
Wishes & Love your blog and would like to read it for years to come.


rinks said...

happy birthday S S blog and happy 2 u too Kamini.......u have u lovely ur work!!! and will definately stand in line for the earings too!!!!


rkramadh said...

Happy Birthday to you first! May you have a fabulous 50 more years filled with love, health and designs! Happy b'day to your blog too, keep up the wonderful writing that I so enjoy!

montreal said...

happy birth day to u...very good...i will follow..thanks

Gayatri said...

Hi kamini... Happy birthday to you and s&s...
I love your blog and visit very often...
I live in the us and my email is


Susmitha said...

Happy birthday to you and your blog. I am a regular visitor of your blog and you know what, from the time I started reading your blog, I have been secretly wishing that I look as fit as you are when I turn 50. (I am in my twenties now). I left a comment on one of your previous posts about a saree that you were wearing. I think the one you wore for your son's wedding. Can you let me know where you purchased it?
I prefer the red ear rings. I live in the US and my email is

GB said...

Oi, how did I miss this post? a birthday AND a giveaway? How did I miss this one K? I have to say, happy birthday (Tamilian) and happy bloggy's been a real pleasure getting to know you over this past year.


GB said...

PS: I'm in---love both earrings, I'll take either/or both, whatever's up for grabs! hee hee. and I live somewhere in the middle of two worlds, one foot in each of the worlds biggest democracies!

Hema said...

Happy Birthday to Saffron and Silk and to you Kamini!. Hope you had a great day.

Love your blog and I'm a regular visitor :)


Anonymous said...

Ugadi Subhashayagalu from Snowy Pennsylvania. We got yet another dusting yesterday. It is a winter wonderland.


Susmitha said...

My second I live in the US.

Susmitha said...

My third I live in the US.

Anusha said...

Hi Kamini,

Happy Birthday to you and Saffron and silk!
And what a giveaway. The whole collection is stunning, I am leaning more towards the red colored collection. I live in the US.

Best wishes,

Soni said...

Oops forgot to post my email

SathyaSiva said...

Happy b'day

SathyaSiva said...

I like the first red one

Shruti Sethi said...

Hey Kamini

Happy B'day to u and ur baby blog {: !!!

I'm one of ur silent admirers and absolutely adore ur writing style.. Just cudn resist commenting this time :P The lava bead earrings are wayyyy to tempting!! {: ‘Mean gal’ did I hear u say?? Ahh well..I’d say I’m honest {:

Newayz lady..Fab work .. way to go!
Shruti Sethi
Navi Mumbai

Shruti Sethi said...

Hey Kamini

Happy B'day to u and ur baby blog {: !!!

I'm one of ur silent admirers and absolutely adore ur writing style.. Just cudn resist commenting this time :P The lava bead earrings are wayyyy to tempting!! {: ‘Mean gal’ did I hear u say?? Ahh well..I’d say I’m honest {:

Newayz lady..Fab work .. way to go!
Shruti Sethi
Navi Mumbai

Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

Happy b'day Saffron & Silk! and happy birthday to you too Kamini!

I posted my comment early on...but for some reason, it failed to appear here..I don't know why...

Anyway, here I go again- I love all the pieces by Nine by thirty, but between the two, I'd pick the garnet ones 'coz red is definitely my color.

I live in Florida, US.

- Neha (

Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

And here's my second comment (sorry, couldn't miss another chance at these gorgeous earrings).

I am really missing your blog updates these days, especially the weekend wrap up posts. Hope you are having a wonderful time

Shruti Sethi said...

** Third attempt :P fingers crossed ;) **

Hey Kamini

Happy B'day to u and ur baby blog {: !!!

I'm one of ur silent admirers and absolutely adore ur writing style.. Just cudn resist commenting this time :P The lava bead earrings are wayyyy to tempting!! {: ‘Mean gal’ did I hear u say?? Ahh well..I’d say I’m honest {:

Newayz lady..Fab work .. way to go!
Shruti Sethi
Navi Mumbai

Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

Hi Kamini,

I was over at your travel blog....loved reading your posts on your daily experiences...and the pics of the food (salads) are very nice!

And I have to say, You don't look like anywhere close to 50 at kidding.

Have a good rest of the trip!

- Neha

( my third attempt)

Viju -My world My Space said...

lovely blog or travellogue i can say i got know about your blog through,indian by design n loved every bit of it.
hope am not the last one to participate
happy belated birthday once again.