Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mrhba Bkm Fi Bladi Blog!

In case you're wondering what the title is "Welcome to my blog" in Arabic, the language in Morocco! 

As you all know I am off on a mini vacation, and except for the air travel part of it, (every flight I have taken so far has been delayed!!!), I'm having  a great time. My travel blog is up and running so do check it out.

In the meantime, Susi from Arcadian Lighting has kindly offered to do a guest post on my blog. And she said she'd write on Morocco! Anyone who knows me even a teeny tiny bit knows my love affair with all things Moroccan! So take it away Susi!

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer from the Arcadian Lighting blog, a fabulous source for inspiration from lighting fixtures to dÈcor. I'm so happy to be visiting Saffron and Silk today to talk about Moroccan style, specifically magical Moroccan spaces.† There is a love affair right now with all things Moroccan. Have you noticed? Are you embracing it? I am in love with the colors and patterns of Morocco so am delighted to share these 8 Magical Moroccan Spaces with you.† Hope you are inspired to add a bit of Moroccan magic to your dÈcor. Enjoy!
Moroccan Spaces
This Moroccan style living room can magically transport you to Casablanca or Marrakesh.† Moroccan lanterns, carved table, tile, rug and other accessories combine with the Moroccan arches for amazing Moroccan style.
Moroccan Spaces
Magical Moroccan spaces are all about color, pattern and tons of both.† Pillows, textiles, rugs and poufs can all help you create a magical Moroccan space in your home.
Moroccan Spaces
This Moroccan room is magical with layer upon layer of colors and patterns.† Low profile seating creates a casual atmosphere that invites lounging.
Moroccan Spaces
Magical Moroccan spaces don't have to be a riot of bold colors. Pastels in contrasting hues also create Moroccan magic. From lovely hanging pendant lighting to magical mirror to vintage rugs, this is such a gorgeous Moroccan style bedroom!
Moroccan Spaces
Blue and white and tons of pattern make this a lovely Moroccan space.† Pattern and gorgeous details are hallmarks of Moroccan style.
Moroccan Spaces
This beautiful living room is definitely a magical Moroccan space. The deep blue and purple palette is accented with gold and pearl inlay accents.
Moroccan Spaces
This gorgeous bedroom is a stunning example of Moroccan style. Love the door, the ceiling medallion and warm color palette.
Moroccan Spaces
Moroccan style in an outdoor living space is magical.† Hang a collection of Moroccan outdoor lanterns for twinkling, colorful light. Lounge on colorful cushions and poufs.

Want to add some Moroccan flavor to your home? Implementing some unique pendant lights should do the trick. Check out Arcadian Lighting today to get inspired!†

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Shalini said...

Love Moroccan style too...esp the carpets and textiles.

nanditark said...

beautiful and very inspiring pics .......

have a nice diwali ...

Shanthi said...

Lovely Spaces - so bright and warm. Happy Diwali K and Susi

rkramadh said...

I love all things Moroccan too, may be because I love all things Indian too with rich colors/textures/patterns and the two are quite similar with some exceptions of course. Moroccan style appeals to a lot of people that are Indian or Indian at heart :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images, beautiful post!

Rupa said...

Really beautiful. I would love to use it in my home.

Iniyaal said...

Beautiful.. love the brilliant colours, low seating, intricate works on the lanterns, diwans and ceilings. Speaks of culture and rich artmanship.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Great inspirational pics..will check out Arcadian lighting.

citicasita said...

I L O V E the beautiful colors! Especially the turquoise, my new bathroom color. Thanks for the inspiration.

diddie @

Anonymous said...

This is stunning indeed. What warmth and cosy feeling!

Betty Lee said...

Stunning Moroccan! Those pouffes are just gorgeous. And colours are amazing. Bay Window Curtain Poles