Friday, November 26, 2010

Sensational Spaces IV - a cabin on the Bay!

Tricia Rose is a self described "rag-and-bone-man"; a documentary film maker, linen seamstress and a DIY decorator with a genius for creating beautiful things with found objects. Her very own line of linen furnishings is simply stunning, and I featured it here. But her home is something else! When you see the photos of her 1936 duck-hunting shack on the San Francisco Bay in San Rafael, CA, you can almost hear and smell the sea. Tricia describes her style as "fishwife chic" - handmade, personal and simple.

Here is a tour of her self crafted home, her creative cabin on the Bay! Her ingenious DIY's will amaze you as she creates a home with a definite nautical feel to it. Her accessories are rustic pieces of wood, rope, paddles, iron anchors, wine barrels, galvanized buckets, corroded metal, fishnets and brass portholes! Some of the pics have little explanations from her.

The home abuts an inlet of the Bay in San Rafael
Tricia Rose mediterranean exterior
Tricia used found pieces of driftwood to frame the mirror
Tricia Rose eclectic bathroom
The bedding pictured here is based on nautical flags. Don't miss the little miniature bed beside it.
Tricia Rose eclectic bedroom

Tricia Rose eclectic bedroom
"I had this wood for a long time and thought about it for a long time," says Rose. She created this headboard with the help of a nail gun in about 20 minutes. "If I get tired of it, I'm going to take it down," she adds.
Tricia Rose eclectic bedroom
"I cut up an old gate-leaf table to make that rack," Rose says. Hanging in the center is the key to a home in France she and her husband used to own.
Tricia Rose eclectic entry

Tricia Rose eclectic entry
Rose framed a plain mirror with found driftwood, which she also used to create the legs of the side table. The tabletop is the end of a wine barrel, which she embellished with a scrap of rope. Salvaged galvanized buckets serve as wastebaskets throughout the home.
Tricia Rose eclectic living room
Rose made the two ceiling lamp shades from crab nets that she lined with a remnant of ombreTricia Rose eclectic living room
The waterfront room pictured here used to be a porch. On a beam over the sliding door, she and her husband have mounted a retractable movie screen. "At night we lie around on the couches and watch movies projected onto it," she explains.
Tricia Rose  living room
To make the 9-square-foot kitchen work, Rose put a sideboard under the window for storage. Nailed to the wall is a scrap of corroded metal she found underneath an old water heater.Tricia Rose eclectic living room
"I wanted to have rope handles, so I drilled four holes in every drawer I could find," Rose says. The pile on top is coral, driftwood and other beach detritus, onto which she tosses her jewelry to create the enticing look of a found heap of treasures.
Tricia Rose  living room
Here, an old brass porthole that was in the house when she bought it is repurposed as a plant stand of sorts. Rose notes that there is a raccoon skull tucked somewhere in the current display.
Tricia Rose eclectic living room

Tricia Rose eclectic living room

Tricia Rose eclectic bathroom

Amazing isn't it? Pics via


PreeOccupied said...

I love all of it. So creative to use driftwood for frames, I love that planter. And the lilies in the vase just add so much color and charisma to the personality of the room. Great profile, K.

GB said...

Love that planter! and the driftwood frame. In a parallel life I would be a beachcomber, bring home found treasures........

Loved it!

Patricia Torres said...

oh wow!! absolutely gorgeous.. Stunning in fact!! I heart the creativity there.. Isnt it so nice to see..

*sigh* Cant get my eyes off this post..

anu Gummaraju said...

It's amazing what one can do if creative. Sooo beautiful and you can see the person in all of the decor! Loved the home!