Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday eye candy

Every Wednesday and Sunday, right around 2pm or so, I hear the "ding ding" of an incoming e mail, and get some eye candy in the form of stunning room interiors and design ideas from And then I abandon whatever I am doing (yes, this Sunday my painting got the axe) and spend the next couple of hours poring over them, examining every little detail and drooling over the drool worthy ones! This Sunday was no exception.....but the only difference is that today pictures were ALL SO beautiful, I HAD to, they just prettify my blog by their sheer presence on the page! I am sure many of you must receive the same e mail - after all we are design fanatics - but for those of you who do not get them, here they are. The first image in that deep intense shade of pink just sets the tone for the rest to follow! Enjoy! And shall we pick a favorite??? Mine is pic #7 with that deep ochre fireplace wall and that fabulous red throw on the couch!!!

random rooms

Bathrooms eclectic bathroom

PlantAsian asian living room
Media room modern media room
Between Naps on the Porch traditional

Lunch alfresco eclectic landscape

Bedroom traditional bedroom

Bergen Street Residence

Eclectic Bathroom eclectic bathroom


Sayantani said...

love the last picture. beautiful theme bathroom. love that huge African mask and this shade of yellow.

PreeOccupied said...

Great inspirations to be derived from these photos.

Patricia Torres said...

Love all the pics.. after pic 4.. The hint of orange in pic 4.. set it for me.. Then I like the little bird cage.. and simply love the table set up.. Now thats something that I really really want to start doing..

purplehomes said...

Love that table setting with the brid cage lantern & that awesome idea of those orangey drink bottles in the ice filled glasses. Am I the only one finding it pretty?:)

Emreen said...

Lovely pics... !! Thanks for sharing...!! My fav is the bathroom in the last pic... The light and its beautiful pattern on the ceiling is to die-for...
The lantern with the bird on top luks lovely !!