Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sensational Spaces II and Artist profile

I've mentioned her before. Her name is Geninne Zlatkis. She lives in Mexico, is an architect, an artist, a graphic designer, skilled seamstress, too cool mom to 2 boys, creative genius, interior designer w/o the formal training, but with an incredible eye for aesthetics and design, dog lover...I could go on and on. Once I discovered her art blog, I fell in love with everything I saw. Then when I chanced upon the pictures of her house, La Casa Azul, designed and built by her equally genius husband Manolo, I was alternately hyperventilating and swooning in sheer delight! Very often in "design speak" we hear the phrase "the interior of the home should blend with the exterior" and I have yet to find a more perfect example of this philosophy than Geninne's home! The exterior of the home is a post modern marvel in blue/grey and orange set against the vibrant Mexican landscape, and the colors carry you through into the house, where the same gorgeous complimentary colors are present throughout in the wall colors, the accessories, the art work, the garden....its one harmonious blend that completely fascinates!

Geninne has that rare capacity to see the beauty and make even the most mundane of objects appear beautiful. Wooden kitchen spoons, balls of twine, rocks, pebbles, bottles, pencils, markers....are all displayed with love and care, and become sculptural and magical.

I contacted Geninne and she was nice enough to let me have access to her flickr photos and take what I want. I had the hardest time picking what I wanted to share, but here is just a small sampling. You can see her artwork here, an interview with her here, and her Etsy shop here. And like me, if you don't absolutely swoon at the beauty of it all, well then I'm eating my hat!!!!
Isn't this just lovely?

The kitchen window

Studio window - how does she get any work done?? I'd be lost in the view!!!!

Working on a painting! Now this is what I call a beautifully messy table! Have you ever seen a prettier mess?

So so lovely!

Love that half blue half white wall. And oh the neatness of it all!!

Ordinary things looking extraordinary!

Her inspiration board! It certainly has me inspired!

I have no words for this, I'm speechless.....you decide!! 

The warm Mexican light flooding the living and dining areas

The dining room

View from dining into kitchen

The most beautiful kitchen corner I have seen. I am craving everything I see!

Have wooden spoons ever looked so good?? Not even in a Williams Sonoma catalog!!!

Her gorgeous watercolors!

Painted rocks! See what I mean about boring things looking lovely?

And of course, dog lover that I am I had to show Turbo, her border collie! Woof woof!
And as if 2 talented members in the family isn't enough, her son Daniel is showing his amazing skills in his own blog!

All images via Geninne's blog and flickr. Thank you Geninne, you truly inspire me!


Shanthi said...

Kamini hats off to your cool posts!!!! Loved the surroundings so serene, cool yet warm. Loved the window styling. Cool Cool. It is 0 degrees outside :-).

GB said...

Have been to and swooned over genines blog many a time. She hasa gorgeous home. love those blue jars by her window (which deserves another wow!) and loved your "speechless" pick!

GB said...


brinda nilesh said...

goodness me!!shes taken simple aesthetics to a different level altogether!
kept going back to her studio pictures!!gr8 post kamini!!

PreeOccupied said...

I love the windows and the artistic nooks and corners. And what a collection of spatulas! My fav picture though is the last one.

indian yarn said...

that dining table bench and the corner window, i covet !!

Patricia Torres said...

Oh how lovely!! You can just tell that an artist lives here.. Looking at these images.. I'm sure her work must be simply awesome! Such a bundle of talent.. Loved this post Kamini!! Well done..

Im off to check her blog now..

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful..Elegant is what comes to my mind after seeing the post..thanks for sharing it..

Sound Horn Please said...

I'm a fan of hers too and follow her blog. I agree, her painting spot is to die for. Those blue jars are so pretty!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

i am die hard fan of hers.love this post dear

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

i am die hard fan of hers.love this post dear

rkramadh said...

I have been an addict of Genine's blog for a while now. So happy to see it being featured on your beautiful blog. Happy Deepawali!

padma said...

This is a beautiful space to be in. Everything artistic,graceful and elegant. Probably looking at these oil paintings may be interesting to you.