Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The colors of Mexico

How is the countdown to The New Year going for all of you? Is sending out holiday cards stressing you out? All that baking and cooking and overdose of desserts weighing you down? The wintry gloomy weather making you dull and sad? All that gift buying and wrapping driving you crazy? Or are you one of those happy types enjoying the snow, the Xmas trees, the beautifully decorated stores, the warm eggnog and brandy, the children in the skating rink, the Christmas carolling and the stocking stuffing?

Either way, nothing will boost your spirits more than a jolt of color during these grey winter days! So while I was doing my second favorite pastime - surfing the web (for information on Frida Kahlo), I came across these bright colorful punches of color on flickr, which cheered me up and made me want to sing out loud. So I thought I'd share them with all you folks out there who could do with some color and pop from the vibrant country of Mexico!!!!
Frida Kahlo's house - La Casa Azul
Frida Kahlo Museum
Residence in Coyoacan
Dias De Los Muertos - Trotsky in Coyoacan
Don't know what this is other than its colorful!
 Basket girl
 Casa Leo Trotsky
 Residence in Coyoacan
 Rooftop made of bottles, pieces of glass and slabs of semi precious stones
 Giant lollipops
 Storefronts in Merida
 A church in Mexico city
 San Juan Chamula
 Say No to drugs
 Mexican shawls
 Taba colors
There....don't you feel much better now, and ready and recharged to tackle the holiday madness?
Images via here and here


Sharon said...

that last picture - it's so cheerful! thanks for these:)...they certainly cheered me up!

Designwali said...

such happy images!

Patricia Torres said...

oh I totally love this post.. So so colourful.. so so me!! I'm happy now that I saw this burst of colour.. I want to go to that museum.. and to mexico..

Also.. the last image.. is a total wow!! The burst of colours are just amazing...

GB said...

Oh I want those fabrics! I like to boost my wardrobe with loads of color in the winter---love me one of those shawls!

Sound Horn Please said...

The splash colours made my day :) I remember bookmarking Frida Kahlo's house on flickr ages ago, to write up a post and then I forgot about it. I am glad you did :)Have you seen the Salma Hayek movie on her? The house is shown in the movie too.

As Mexico is more accessible than Nagaland I think I need to get myself one of those shawls :)

purplehomes said...

each pic needs to be saved. It certainly has brightened my day.

PreeOccupied said...

What a riot of colors. I so want to go to Mexico, but P is kind of weary about it 'coz all the crime and violence across the border. I dont mind the crime you know, I lived in Patna. :-) I told him I can dodge the bullets and be a tourist.