Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pooch presents!

In all this holiday hullabaloo of buying gifts, I must remind all you pet owners not to forget our furry 4 legged pooches! I mean after all, these little people love us unconditionally, they don't demand too much, just a warm bed and some food and of course that occasional walk, they lick you to pieces when they know you're hurting, they slobber you with slobbery kisses, they keep your feet warm at night....they are perfect little beings! So if you want to spoil them this holiday season, here are some gift ideas.....
How about a teak and stainless steel doggie bowl
A snazzy rope leash
A reversible...yes, REVERSIBLE doggie coat in otter green
A colossal fleece bone
Some yummy biscuits
An "every dog has his day" bowl
Granted they will make a sizable hole in your wallet, but c'mon...aren't they totally worth it????


Sharon said...

:) It really is a dog's world! I really wouldn't mind keeping that tin - it's so old-worldly pretty!:) great ideas!

Sayantani said...

Its a dog's day today at your blog. we used to own 4 dogs but now we have none. waiting for our son to grow a lil older to bring a doggy for him. may be on christmas day as a surprise gift for him.

Kamini said...

@ Sayantani - we got a dog for our son for Xmas 1991, and guess who ended up looking after them???

GB said...

:) Love the dog's day plate! We'd love to have a doggy pal, but I think we need to wait a couple of years...

We might get some goldfish for christmas, tho'!