Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up X!

Time for the WWU...yes, linking up to Patty's Weekend Wrap Up X!! Amazing how the days fly by, it seemed like just the other day I was posting on WWU IX!

Anyhow like they say time flies when you are having fun, and I had fun this weekend! Fun with what??? Fun with a baby....yes, an adorable 7 month old baby, my husband's cousin's daughter. The cousin was MIA, but his parents from Chennai and wife and baby from LA visited us over the weekend! Its been a while since we have had a baby in the house, the last time was when another cousin came with her 5 month old, about 2 years ago when our dogs were a year old and jealous of any small thing that demanded any attention, so they promptly nipped the little baby in the foot. Word spread of the baby nipping dogs in the Raghavan household and all babies and moms stayed away...till this weekend!!! Fortunately the dogs have mellowed or become too fat to expend their energy nipping toddlers or finally secure in the knowledge that we love them too....whatever the reason, they behaved and all was well!

Anyway, I digress....going back to babies, it was so much fun. And the fact that this was a very VERY social baby was great. I have quite forgotten how a baby can turn a house upside down...round the clock there were feeding bottles being sterilized, nappies being washed, formula being formulated, warm water being poured in thermoses, baby songs being sung, Dr. Seuss being read and stuffed baby toys being squeaked.

Here is baby Malavika....the 7 month old who had everyone's attention for 3 days and pics of the baby weekend!

I was given this absolutely gorgeous painted wood and ceramic gift by baby's mom

Then last evening after our guests had left, I went around the house from room to room trying to find a place to hang up my recent artwork, and decided here would be good
And then lit some lamps outside

It was a lovely weekend...busy but really enjoyable! Am expecting more guests from Sydney this week, so my blog posts may be few and far between, if at all! All of you have a lovely week! And thank you is so much fun to do this. 


Bhavna said...

Such a cute little baby! :)

And the painting is looking gorgeous Kamini! Perfect on that wall.

Anu Gummaraju said...

Gorgeous as usual! Completely adorable Malavika and those paintings too! What a ovely wrap up!

purplehomes said...

such a cutie she is!! Looks like a scene right out of my home...nappies, diapers, baby books and ofcourse now that she is going to be two...accompanied by non stop chatter. Your artwork looks beautiful.

Sayantani said...

she is a cutie so adorable.
love the painting even more now against that red wall...simply gorgeous.

Sharon said...

oh what a sweet lil thing! Must hv been a fun weekend...loved your painting...and absolutely loved your lamps amidst the poinsetia reds.

Rekha said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend, such an adorable cutie pie..loved the paintings on that wall.

GB said...

Awwwwwww. The soft mellow eyes. Such a darling babykins! Awwwwww.

Love your red wall&the painting looks stunning!

PreeOccupied said...

What an adorable baby and love your new gift. I am guessing its a spice drawer. The colors are awesome.

SuhaelAmrita said...

Absolutely adorable lil one! Though I must admit the moment I saw your shot with the bottles n teat it brought me back to 'not so pleasent' memories of a baby!

Dr. Suess books are still very famous with my toddler...loved the feeling of familiarity while browsing through your post!

PS: You have a very beautiful home and the 'almost perfect' replica on the red wall is looking awesome!

Patricia Torres said...

You bring a huge smile to my face... when you join the weekend party.. Thank you!! *hugs*

You rock!!

And.. why didnt you send me a painting??? thats the most awesome work ever!! Well done!! wow!! wow!! I so want to come and spend some time watching you.. and being inspired by you.. and learning (I hope) at the same time...

Having a baby around is the cutest thing ever... She a joy.. So much fun.. Dont you think the house is empty now... Why do kids grow too soon... :-(

I love.. and heart that orange wall!! :-)

Kamini said...

Thank you all.
Pree - I didn't know it was a spice drawer, right now its on my desk shelf and I was wondering what to put in it. But now that you mention it, i think i will use it in the kitchen!
Patty come on over, all kinds of paintings waiting for you :-) And ssshhh....don't tell anyone yet, but I am planning a painting giveaway next start off the year as a matter of fact!

Sound Horn Please said...

Perfect spot for the painting! And Malvika looks adorable :)

I have a similar ceramic chest sitting at home in India- I had to leave it behind thanks to the usual luggage constraints.