Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photographer Beth Galton

Hello all, I am back from a longish break and before I proceed I must thank you all for your support and condolence messages. It really helped. All the ceremonies at home went off well, then my husband and I decided to attend a relative's wedding in Chennai, in honor of my FIL who had been very keen on attending the wedding himself. It was a much needed break, but Chennai's heat and humidity was as challenging as ever (yes, even in February!) and I emerged from my air conditioned room only for meals and such!

Now that the dust has settled, literally and figuratively.....I am finding it hard to put on my blogging hat and get back on track. So bear with me - its going to be a while before my blogging cells start firing again. Till them I have to thank fabulous photographers like Beth Galton, for giving me fresh and easy fodder for my blog without my having to exert my cerebral muscles too much.

I stumbled upon Beth's site while surfing the net for design inspiration. Her food pics had me drooling all over the keyboard......while her still-life photography made me reach out and touch the screen almost as if I could feel the objects. The crispness, the color, the clarity are breathtaking! Take a look at these pics and for more fabulous images, go visit her site!

Scrumptious isn't it?


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

lovely pictures

charu said...

Lovely.. truly mouth watering!! Thank you for sharing :)