Saturday, February 26, 2011

You say tomato I say tomahto!

Am guest blogging over at Anu's blog today! If you've never visited her blog, do so NOW! And no, not because I posted there today :-)....but cos its chock full of fabulous recipes and food ideas!

My husband and I (more him than I) have been dabbling in some organic pesticide free hydroponic gardening for a few months Anu wanted me to write about it on her blog, and anyway that's a more appropriate place for the post anyway! So hurry on over to her blog....and read the post!

And while you're doing that let me try yet another recipe with tomatoes...(you'll know what I mean after reading the post)!!!

Happy cooking!


Sudha said...

loved your post on Anu's blog..i am quite interested in the method you used to grow the veggies..have been reading a lot on that :)...i plan to feature it on my green blog..let me know ur thgts

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful. We once had an Amish farmer sell these hydroponic tomatoes. In the middle of winter they were so crisp and ripe. Never found him or them ever again :(. Glad that your hydroponic garden is growing well. Wishes and green thumb your way.

In the other post you had mentioned going vegan. I am a South Indian so for the most part my diet is vegan except for the younger kid eating nei. I think my husband is going to bribe the boys to stay home as long as possible. I have told him that the day the younger one is off to college, he and I will go on a raw food diet. I have already cut off his salt and he is a little grumpy that I stand over him as he uses the salt shaker. Do keep writing about your travels through life.


Kamini said...

Thanks My3.
As for going vegan, the only reason is cos I am so unsure about the eggs and the milk. I have heard reports of adulterated milk in packets, and organic eggs are impossible to come by. Also have read lots of articles about milk being bad for you, humans are the only species that continues to drink milk past infancy! So right now, I have yogurt (the bacteria makes it good), I eat eggs once a month and an occasional tsp of nei! It will be a while before I turn completely vegan..but I want to.

Kamini said...

Sudha - go right ahead. Any thing you want in terms of pics, write up etc let me know

rkramadh said...

Great post! Kudos to you and your husband for taking on this venture in a place where most haven't even heard of hydroponic probably. I once ate a salad made of ingredients grown hydroponically at a yoga camp, it was amazing! Given that I get organic produce easily in US, I only grow flowers in the backyard :) Nothing beats the feeling of picking your own home grown produce and preparing meals right away. It even beats taking out the organic produce from the fridge and preparing it! All the best for a successful grand harvest!!!