Friday, February 25, 2011

Sensational Spaces VII-Anita Kaushal's London home

I was doing my usual favorite soporific post-lunch thing - web surfing and blog hopping - and one thing kept leading to another till I spotted THIS house and did a double take! I went no further because I could not tear away from the gorgeousness and beauty of this home except to move my fingers and immediately e mail the owner and find out if I could do a post on her home! I love designers - but when I see an Indian designer doing such fabulous work and who has clearly carved an incredible niche in the design field in another country, my desi heart swells with pride! 

Anita Kaushal is an author, a stylist and a designer. In addition to writing and styling for leading UK publications which include The Observer, The Guardian and London Magazine, she regularly contributes quotes and tips for lifestyle and interiors titles, and this lively home has been featured in design publications internationally. She has also written design books namely FamilyLifestyleHome and The Family at Home. Her books clearly underscore her design philosophy when it comes to family and children...."I think the first thing to remember is to see the family as a unified whole and not a as a “them” and “us” because frankly, no matter how much space you devote to them, they will always want to be where you are anyway.  Treat the home as on family space but bedrooms as private retreat. The house is so much better for the personalities that live in it and if you relax, they will too. I don’t see any sacrifice in having children in the house – it just opens up so many more possibilities". 

I love it! For more of an interview with her, read thisBut wait, before you head off, take a look at this stunning home!

The swing for kids and adults to sit on and gaze out into the garden

The kitchen sofa for the Sunday paper and latte indulgence
The lady herself in the living room
The Gorgeous kitchen..... (sorry to keep using the "G" word, but I honestly cannot think of another more apt word")

.........and cherished possessions
The hall - more a family gathering place with CD's, pictures and a piano, so its friendly and usable, not just an empty pass-through
The bedroom and bathroom are one, just divided by space (I don't think I could ever be this brave) but hey, more power to those who can!
 The bed with its velvet covered headboard which changes to light linen or voile in the summer for a quick update and change
Her 8 year old daughter's room where the pink stage is very much alive
 And the son's room with a little hatch in the ceiling above the bunk bed from where he climbs into the loft playspace
The children's bathroom given a dash of color by a needlepoint rug on the wall
Never have I doubted my colored walls in my home so much as after seeing this home! So I am off now to obliterate every orange, terracotta and red wall, and paint them a nice calming serene cooling summery shade of white!!!


Anu Gummaraju said...

And I don't think I'd be brave enough to have a nearly ALL WHITE home!! Goodness how does one do it, with kids to top? It's beautiful though. Every bit gorgeous! Hats off to Anita!

Anonymous said...

I loved your last sentence. I just feel the exact opposite way. When I go through your pictures, I want to grab a paintbrush and paint the walls rich shades like ochre, terracotta, green... And then I chicken out :). Bedroom and bathroom. Not my cup of tea :). But the pictures are gorgeous. WHITE with kids. Wow. Hats off to her :)


Orchid said...

Love your blog.
Delurking today :) I am a mommy/personal blogger who loves design, decor and have been lurking around your blog for a while :)
I am not sure I would love an all white home for myself given my love for color but that's not to say this isn't a beautiful home. To each his own, I guess.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Very classy and unique. Great find and my compliments to Anita.

Good to have you back.

Sound Horn Please said...

Welcome back K! SHP and I have missed you :) I agree with Anu, don't think I will be able to maintain an all white house so spotlessly. Hats off to Anita!

Shilpa Kamath said...

Can't help using the G word myself. Her house is indeed gorgeous and I loved the pics. Thanks for sharing :)

Veganosaurus said...

Wow! I'm totally blown away! Such a dreamy, surreal home. And that bedroom/bathroom idea is brilliant! I love the idea of being able to lounge in a bathtub in the corner of such a beautiful room!

Kamini said...

My3 - just a flashing thought about changing the colors...decided to stick with oranges! :-)
Orchid and SHP - thanks
Veganosaurus - I'd lounge in a bathtub too in my bedroom if I was POSITIVELY SURE NO ONE WAS WATCHING!!! And I must check your blog....I'm a vegetarian well on my way to becoming vegan!

Dithi said...

Very sexy, both Anita n her home!

rkramadh said...

The home does look like it came out of a magazine. Nice! I for one love color and wish I had the guts to paint orange like yours! No offense but all white or too much white (irrespective how well kept it is) to me feels institutional. Pls stick to your oranges/yellows, it brings sun and warmth I think, especially in a tropical country like India.