Monday, February 28, 2011

Believe it or not!

Emreen awarded me this.....but it comes at a huge price. I cannot just graciously accept it and sit back and purr! Nope, I have to now reveal 7 things about myself...dark dreaded secrets that no one knows about me! I've done this before, but there's plenty more where that came here goes:

1. I'm allergic to some of the best things in life - wine/champagne, chocolates and custard apples! Wine I can do mostly without and it doesn't bother me that I cannot have it, except for those special times when everyone is toasting a great event - yes, like at my son's wedding - and I'm sipping nimboo pani!!!! Chocolates I don't care for anyway, but those custard apples....I really wish I could eat those. When our tree is bent over double with thick heavy fleshy fruit, my husband gloats cos he knows he gets to eat them all!!! 

2. I'm a bit depressed....well maybe not depressed, that's too strong a word, but a bit bummed I'm turning 50 in about a month! I remember when I was 15 and I thought my 30 year old aunts were old! But I keep telling myself age is only a number...age is only a number....age is only a far its not working!

3. Speaking of age and getting older, I rashly promised my son - oh about 15 years ago when I still had ALL BLACK hair - that I would NEVER color my hair! I safely and confidently assumed I had taken after my mom who today at 70, has 3 grey hairs on her head! But...I took after my dad instead, who turned completely gloriously grey by the time he was 50, and am beginning to see signs of the "G" on my head! But a promise is a promise (and he never lets me forget it either)...maybe it will end up being the arty, sophisticated salt and pepper look...?

4. I love babies. The fatter and cuddlier the better, but I love all babies. Till they're about 2 years old, then I'll hand them back to the parents willingly. Ok maybe not, cos I love kids too! People always tell me "you love babies and you're so good with kids, how come you had only one?"...and I tell them "its because I love kids that I had only one". Since I strongly believe kids should be brought by by parents, and not baby sitters or even grandparents (I know this will invite some comments), two kids would have meant sticking one in day care, and that didn't sit well with me! So I stuck to one, and took care of him  till he was ready for full time school! Now in spite of all my lecturing about this, if my son hollers from across the seas for helping out with babies, I'd be off in a jiffy....mumbling and grumbling about the parenting style these days, but I'd be off nonetheless!

5. I'm allergic to fragrances and perfumes. Again its the dad, the grey haired dad, who has kindly bequeathed this bit of sinusitis on me! So a little whiff of jasmine in the air I can tolerate, but anything more than that, I'm a goner! And those perfumes they spray in those rental taxis and cabs??? By the time I get to my destination my head is pounding and my nose is sniffling! So all "scent" loving relatives visiting us have been forewarned and are forced to leave their eau de colognes behind! 

6. I can play the drums! Not the heart pounding thrilling frenzied drumming of Santana's drummer, but I did take lessons back in Seattle and have accompanied my husband's band (yes, he played lead guitar in a surf music band) when they jammed in the garage and the drummer was late (or too stoned) ......I even have videos to prove this for those who may not believe......

7. I'm a health freak! I bully everyone on their exercise and eating habits, my mother hides her snacks in her cupboard when she comes to stay with me and rejoices when I leave town and have her house sit, my dad eats chocs on the sly when I am around! My hubby poor man has no choice but to eat what I cook, though he is more amenable and I think finally realizing the value of why I nag. I measure the daily dose of oil I use for cooking, I avoid sweets, I snack on dry poha and peanuts and almonds and apples...yes, that's how freaky I am.

So I'm done with 7, but on a whim I decided to ask husband dear....if he could think of something about me my readers should know....this is what he shot off even before I could complete my sentence...

I am fair minded
I have a short fuse
I am intolerant of as he says "crap going on around me"...I think he's trying to say "impatient" in a nice way....
I have a zest for life, I don't like to sit around and moon about things
I love to travel.....

Ok, not done yet! I have to pass this award on to 7 fellow bloggers. But if its OK with everyone, I am going to change the rules a bit. How about everyone who comments reveal one thing about themselves - good, bad, funny, serious whatever! Even this is purely voluntary, but a lot of fun! Or if anyone wants to claim the award, feel free to do so and then follow the rules and reveal 7 things!

Thanks again Emreen


Emreen said...

Hi Kamini, Thanks for accepting the tag & It's great to know 7 things about you.. .!!!
That health freak thing is quite visible from most of your blog posts... ;-) ;-) ...!!

Val said...

My mother swore never to dye her hair, and never did. I spent a long time picking out her white hairs (which she insisted on calling 'grey') until she told me to stop or she'd go bald! Myself, I used to dye my hair then stopped. I now have partial white, partial brown hair, but more white. I'm used to it.

I came over to your blog a few weeks ago, I'm not sure from where, and I've been reading it via my feed reader. I love your posts! I want to contact you by email soon.


krithika said...

Kamini, I can't believe you are turning 50 soon......I've seen some of your snaps, and you just don't look it one bit !! I just turned 40 myself ( didn't feel too good abt it)and I should say you are a big inspiration.
From your blog, you come across as a very enthusiastic person, and I've learned a lot from you. Wish you all the best !!

Lakshmi said...

Hi Kamini,

Am turning 34 tomorrow and "actually" quite gray. Strangely enough, I don't quite feel that old, I guess deep inside most of us hover at 20-22 and it just stays that way :)

And now, to share something about myself:
- I am a neatness freak and love cleaning out cupboards - even for others!!

Rupa said...

hey kamini....I would take up this and do the seven thingie in a day or two....

but I so very agree with the children raising point..I dont have them yet but when I have I want to be the hands on parent...I hate it when grandparents are considered as official care takers just because they can't say no to their children...and yes I would like to have one child and take charge of everything.....and I am aghast at people around me who bring babies into the world and hand them over to the parents....bah....I would chose to be childless rather .....
Nice to know more about you through this post :) oops, I used a lot of space

Kamini said... me, lets set up a time to meet someplace!

Shalini said...

You write so beautifully Kamini, it's always wonderful to read your posts. And yes, you look nothing like even nearing 50.

I love cleaning out cupboards too...even did it for a friend before he got married and his mother has never forgotten it and gifted me the most beautiful outfit to wear for the shaadi.

Come over sometime and cuddle with my baby...she's 10 months old and loves it!

Kamini said...

Is it a girl/woman thing? This cleaning out cupboards fetish? Must be. Cos I too love therapeutic!

GB said...


50 is the new 40. And as you said, it's only a number-- why, you're probably a lot fitter than a lot of 30 somethings (including me!)Forget the number and enjoy the birthday (I hear from a little birdie that 50 is the perfect time to start new ventures too ;) (!!)

Missed reading your lovely posts..... :)

rkramadh said...

Now I feel like I am a lot like you! (I feel privileged to have such commonalities with you!). I have an only son, totally agree that I brought my child into the world, so I don't expect grand parents to help. Unfortunately baby sitter was inevitable due to some circumstances though. I too am a clean freak, eat healthy foods only, get peeved by the injustice I see around me! Am passionate about being fair. One small exception is I too will be 50 in a few short years but am grateful for every day and I don't feel I am old at all! I have close family that are in 80s and 90s and don't say they are old! So I am going with that attitude. So, relax and enjoy every bit of 50s to come by! I always love reading your honest, heartfelt posts.

Sound Horn Please said...

Point 5- Me too! Me too! And my sister loves them and so does my grandmother. So I went through a childhood with severe headaches whenever the family went out. Point 7- I wish I could move next door to you asap! Reg. turning 50- Gagan has voiced my thoughts verbatim- Enjoy it K! You could give any 30 yr old a run for her money..