Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sufi for the soul!

I am a huge fan of Sufi music as I am sure many of you are. Sufi music is derived from Sufism which is the mystical dimension of Islam that preaches peace, tolerance and pluralism, while encouraging music as a way of deepening one’s relationship with God. A practitioner of this tradition is known as a Sufi. Another name used for the Sufi seeker is "dervish". The Sufi movement has spanned several continents and cultures over a millennium, at first expressed through Arabic, then through Persian, Turkish and a dozen other languages.

Sufi songs have a unique appeal about them. They are mystical, passionate and soothe the soul. Whether it is a romantic song or sad sufi song, you cannot help but notice them and get totally lost in them. As far as origin is concerned the word ‘Sufi’ is derived from the Arabic word ’suf’ which means wool. Initially, Sufi songs were sung to celebrate love for God. This was a path of devotion and it did not have serious religious connotations. Sufi songs were said to be sung in order to commune with God. In many ways the mournful tunes and lyrics reminded me of the "fado" music we heard in Lisbon. It is the music of longing and yearning. The whirling movement of the singers is also very similar to the dervishes we saw in Istanbul.

Here are a couple of my favorite sufi songs. Click on the link to just  listen to it, if you want to see the videos click on the youtube links.

Maula mere maula mere from the film "Anwar"

Or watch it on youtube if you want to see the video

Khwaja mere khwaja from the film "Jodhaa Akbar"

Watch on youtube to see the video

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GB said...

Kamini, have you ever heard Abida Praveen? if not you have to!! I'm thinking of launching a music blog soon (shared with hubby)..stay tuned, I think you'll love it.