Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sun De(signs)

Sun sign forecasts are based on the position of the sun in your zodiac sign, at your birth. They reveal your personality and temperament vividly and accurately, as the sun is the king of the planets. However other planets also play a vital role in shaping your destiny, which is why many of you feel your personality traits do not match your sign characteristics. This makes predictions exciting and not always perfect. But then neither is life, and astrology reflects life in all its complexity and variety. So based on your sun sign, here is what the experts have come up with to guide you in your decor choices for the year 2010...OK, so I realize 2010 is almost halfway done, but hey there's still 7 months to go!

ARIES: Active, excitable and impulsive, optimistic and open to change and new ideas. Your magical birthstones are coral and diamond; red, scarlet and carmine are your colors; geranium is your flower. Iron and steel are your metals and your incense associations are honeysuckle and musk! The direction most beneficial to you is east.
A dramatic bedroom
TAURUS: Affectionate, patient, stable, determined and practical, stubborn and resistant to change. Turquoise and emerald will protect you; pale blue, pink, yellow and pale green are your colors; the violet is your flower. Copper is your metal, and seeds and stones are your natural symbols. The direction most beneficial to you is south, your incense association is frankincense!
An earthy corner
GEMINI: Lively, energetic, versatile and intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather then the emotions, and is extremely adaptable to new situations. Emerald and agate are your magical birthstones which will protect you. Yellow, slate grey and spotted mixtures are your colors, your flower is the lavender. Your natural symbol is feathers and mercury is your metal. The direction most beneficial to you is the west and your incense is jasmine.
A dynamic study
CANCER: Receptive, sensitive and imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional and active, shrewd with an intuitive mind. Pearl will change bad fortune into good; your colors are soothing white, opal, iridescent silvery hues, smoky grey, sea green and blue; your metal is silver. Shells are your natural symbol, your flower is lily; your incense is patchouli; and the direction most beneficial to you is north.
A homely dining area
LEO: Enthusiastic, powerful, expansive and creative, generous and extravagant. Not surprisingly, gold is your metal, flame is your natural symbol; sunflower is your flower and your colors are orange, gold, rich shades of yellow and brown. Rubies will protect you; rose incense will benefit you and your direction is east.
An opulent setting
VIRGO: Practical. modest, loving, helpful, discriminating and industrious. Emerald and sapphire bring you tranquility of mind; shades of green, dark brown, slate and spotted patterns work best for you, as does the metal mercury. Pansies are your flower and your incense is myrrh. The south is most beneficial to you and grains and seeds your natural symbols.
A tranquil retreat
LIBRA: Active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, diplomatic, polished and very socially inclined, and prizes beauty and harmony. Opal, your magical birthstone brings you success; surround yourself with roses and gladioli. Your colors are blue and white, copper is your metal; your most beneficial direction is west. Frangipani is your incense.
A hamonious bedroom
SCORPIO: Imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate and unyielding. Coral and topaz are your magical birthstones which will release your occult powers. Plutonium is you metal; dark red, maroon, crimson and colors of smoky cloud formations are your colors; the rhododendron is your flower. Sandalwood is your incense association and the direction most beneficial to you is north.
A sensual vanity
SAGITTARIUS: Energetic, ambitious, generous, freedom loving, and a seeker of challenge, open to new ideas and exploration. Topaz and turquoise your magical birthstones attract love and protect you from harm. Your colors are rich purple, violet and indigo, the dandelion is your flower. Tin is your metal and the sword, your magical tool. Your most beneficial direction is east and pine is your incense of choice.
An explorer's study
CAPRICORN: Sure footed, resered, acquisitive, cautious, disciplined and determined, and seeks security. Your colors are dark grey, dark green, black, dark brown,  and indigo; magical birthstone is the garnet that attracts popularity. Lead is your metal and your magical tool is the spade. Your flower is ivy though your incense association is the lotus. Your most beneficial direction is the south.
An old-fashioned den
AQUARIUS: Assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original and inventive, with strong likes and firm opinions. Your magical birthstone is the amethyst and aquamarine, turquoise and marine blue are your colors. Uranium is your metal, the orchid is your flower; your incense association is vanilla. Your most favorable direction is west and chimes are your magical tool.
An eclectic corner
PISCES:Receptive, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, romantic and impressionable, mystical, adaptable and very changeable. Cats eye and aquamarine are your magical birthstones, mauve, purple, violet, sea green and silver are your colors. Platinum
is your metal, your magic tool is the mirror, your beneficial direction is north. White poppies are your flower while your incense association is copal.
A romantic sit-out

So are the experts right? I am definitely an Aries, but I think I have a little bit of Leo and Scorpio in me too!

Images courtesy Good Homes January 2010

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