Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday morning adventure

Sunday's Shenanigans by "me".

It started out normal like any Sunday
The streets were all empty, no cars in the way
So off we set out to walk our dachshunds
Who were excitedly jumping in leaps and in bounds
Blithely we walked not a care in our heads
Till Lucy our doxie spotted a stray dog ahead
She charged at said street dog, she tugged and she pulled
Her collar came undone, she ran as fast as she could
The street dog and Lucy then came face to face
While Raga chased Lucy at a furious pace
To make sure that ST (that's "street dog" for short)
Did not bite our Lucy in this canine sport
He let go off Junglee our other black doxie
Who then ran after ST showing courage and moxie
So now we have Lucy and Junglee both chasing
The ST, with Raga and me behind racing
Then Raga tripped over a samll rock on the road
He yelled and he screamed and he moaned and he groaned
He got back on his feet, the dogs were still running
By then we had all the neighborhood dogs barking
Then believe it or not it was my turn to fall
I too tripped on something and went for a sprawl
By now all the people had got up and come out
To see what all this commotion was about
Instead of the Sunday being calm and serene
Were 3 dogs and 2 humans creating a scene
By now J and L had slowed down quite a bit
So we caught them and leashed them and decided to split
We carried them home while they wriggled and squirmed
No more Sunday walks with them we confirmed
Then Raga drove off to the emergency
And came back later with a bandaged knee
His palm is all swollen from the fall that he took
Nothing too serious, he can still get on Facebook
A tetanus shot and a ice cold compress
Has taken away the pain and the stress
Both Junglee and Lucy are tired and exhausted
So all morning long they've been asleep on the bed
My fall was not severe, I don't hurt a lot
My bruises are mild, its my nerves that are shot!

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