Monday, May 31, 2010

Watercolor magician Jiaur Rahman

While I sit here in the sweltering heat, fantasizng about the monsoons, hoping and wishing that now that they have hit the Kerala coast, Hyderabad will be next......I am salivating over these wonderful watercolors of rain, by another favorite painter of mine - Jiaur Rahman. How he is able to achieve this wonderful, "watery" effect is incredible. You can almost feel the slippery pavements below your feet, the wet rain hitting you, you can hear the squish squish of wet footsteps and the gleeful shouts of children playing. You can sense the urgency of people rushing home to get out of the rain......! I am hoping if I stare at these paintings long enough, I can hypnotize the rain gods to pelt us with some of that wet stuff.....! Enjoy!

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