Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Online Store Find - Three Potato Four

While blog hopping from one blog to another, like we all do - I came across this incredibly cool online store called Three Potato Four Shop!!! I mean, just the name is enough to arouse your curiosity right? 3P4 is run by Janet Morales and Stu Eli, who grew up collecting things and are now married to each other. They both have backgrounds in the graphics design industry and started the online store in 2007! Three years later they opened their first brick and mortar store located in an old Philadelphia textile mill! How cool is that! I love industrial buildings and lofts! Anyway, let me not digress....! They collect the most interesting and quirky stuff you can ever hope to see. Here are some of the items, just to show you what they stock.

Agreed, not all of them would be useful, I mean what the heck would I do with dispensary boxes and a bunch of skeleton keys....but just think how interesting and fun they would look in your home. Definitely a conversation topic if nothing else.
Old dispensary boxes...I guess you could use them as storage, maybe in the kitchen for tea bags and such! Love them.
Hmmmm....when you have misplaced that key, you can try one of these.....! How cool they would look all lined up and hung on the wall of your study or studio!!!!
But they also have some items which are not just quaint, but which would be fun to use around the house!
Test tubes....fill with water, a single stemmed flower in each, line up on dining table or window sill...WOW!
Same with these 4" high prescription bottles.
A vintage foundry mold...12" x 7" x 4". Wonderful storage for all those glossy glamorous design magazines maybe????
Old Mexican sugar cone mold! Geninne of Geninne's Art Blog uses them to hold her paintbrushes. What an ingenious idea! if you haven't visited her site, DO SO NOW!! It is utterly captivating!

A motley collection of textiles spools...I love them! All displayed on a mantel or table, lovely!
A collection of wooden model airplane propellers! My husband who builds model airplanes went all googly eyed at this!
Lovely old botanical print. Would look absolutely gorgeous in a kitchen!
Hmmm...I could use this. Our watchman Krishna is always asleep...zzzzzz!

This is just a minute sampling of what they have. Check out their website, or if you are lucky enough to live in PA, go to their store!


Anpu said...

Lovely...I have the Old Mexican sugar cone mold with 5 it and use it for holding Pens, brushes, scissors, wooden craft knives. It is so conveinent...
Thanks for sharing the site

GB said...

What a fun and interesting site...loved the botanical print!

Shanthi said...

Interesting store with many inspirations. Mr.Potato pic on your blog looks cooooool too

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Oh so happy you featured them...I have been a fan of theirs since ages! Love the stuff you featured!

Laura said...

Oooh, I LOVE big antique keys. :) What a cool store, thanks for sharing!

Geninne said...

Thank you so much for the mention Kamini :) I ♥ 3P4
*Note: There is an error in the link to the 3P4 shop on the bottom of the post .It is missing the word 'shop' and it links to another website that does organic meal deliveries ;)

Sound Horn Please said...

Oh what lovely stuff! I'm definitely heading to their store the next time I visit the city.

Patricia Torres said...

This post totally rocks!! Love the name of the store.. Love that mexican cone thing.. transfored into a pen holder.. Great find!! Im off to check more..