Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The rain gods heard me!

It happened last evening....rain fell! At about 4pm, the skies turned ominously dark, the wind started to blow ever so gently at first and then in force, the leaves on the trees started to rustle and move....then quietly one drop fell, then another and another and in a few minutes it came pouring down and the air was filled with the scent of wet earth! For one hour it came down and dropped the temperature by a good ten degrees and raised my spirits by much much more!
The monsoons are here.....well, at least the pre monsoons, which means the real thing cannot be too far behind! I think my plan to hypnotize the rain gods did actually work! It lasted about an hour and then I walked around my garden barefoot, feeling the soggy squelchy soil beneath my feet and loving it. The plants are suddenly wide awake after their three month summer slumber...they are bright and green and cheerful and happy, much like me...except for the green part! Rain puddles all over the garden reminded me of how we used to sail paper boats in them as children, and spend hours watching them zig zag down the small streams connecting all the puddles. Do kids even do that anymore now that the TV and video games have robbed them of all their time and imagination? Of course I realize now the rains will bring their own set of problems....traffic snarls, clothes that never quite dry, every day will be a bad frizzy hair day, my doggies will be traipsing in and out and leaving muddy pawprints all over the house, but for now I am not complaining.
Anyway, so here are some pics I took just after the rain.....I am not a great photographer by any stretch of the imagination, and my camera is nothing fancy....but I hope you enjoy them!

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