Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up!

Am linking up with Patty for her second Weekend Wrap Up! Last weekend was a bit atypical for was all about food and being lazy and not exercising!! Well this weekend again turned out to be a bit different from my usual weekends cos it was just my Dad and I hanging out at home for the entire weekend. My mom, hubby and dad-in-law were in Chennai for Navratri so my dad came over and we kept each other company. Here's the dad and I are like 2 peas in a pod, we share the same food likes and dislikes, we're both restless souls that cannot sit still, we both are a bit addicted to our computers, we're both quick shoppers...we go to the store, we get what we want and we're out of there! He has no food fetishes....anything works as long as its edible! Like me! Of course he has his of them is upma, which I made for him Friday night, part of it cooked in my Moroccan tagine......

Saturday was spent just lolling around the house, I cooked up some simple dal roti for lunch, I started and finished an article (on interior design for schools) I am writing for a friend who publishes a teaching magazine, we lazed (with great difficulty), we watched some TV and then in the evening went to an exhibition in Shilparamam - the arts and crafts village here in Hyderabad, somewhat similar to Dilli Haat, but on a larger scale. I knew exactly what I wanted, a Madhubani painting in very specific colors for my next DIY which I am planning, (hint - going to try decoupaging an old wooden trunk my mom gave me) and my dad wanted some khadi kurta pajamas! So we were done in precisely half an hour!! Ate some food at the stalls there and headed home.
Sunday morning I got all my lamps cleaned and polished....they were getting dull, and I filled them with lamp oil and wicks to light in the evening.
Then I did something really unusual for me..I watched a Hindi movie in its ENTIRETY, an all time favorite, Sholay....from noon until 4.50pm!! Yes, almost 5 hours of brain numbing fun with Basanti, Radha, Veeru, Jai, Gabbar Singh and Thakur Saab! I think the weather had a role to play, it was cool, damp, rainy perfect for movie watching! And it really is the greatest story ever told!
In the evening I lit a couple of lamps to make the house look festive and welcoming for the gang returning home from Chennai!

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting, but it was relaxing and unhurried with a little bit of everything thrown in...some good food, TV viewing, some work, some shopping, some quality dad daughter time spending!!!


Patricia Torres said...

Oh… that Upma in the Moroccan dish looks yummm… the dish looks gorgeous..

Wow.. wow!! I cant wait to see that trunk..  I believe Sholay is a movie.. anyone can watch.. over and over gain.. and in entirety as well.. *grin*

That truly sounds like an exciting enough weekend.. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead as well!! Thanks for doing this post.. It does mean a lot.. Certainly brightened my day!! Loads of love… !! I’ll be back here next week… checking all your old and new posts as well.. 

Bye for now!!

GB said...

I want to invite myself into your weekend(s). Definitely more glamorous than mine!!


Vinita said...

Hi Kamini,

Have been reading your blog for a long time and truly love it.
I love your blog for a number of reasons but no. 1 would be such personal posts that come from the heart. You also add photos which makes it so homely and feels as though we are talking to a friend on the phone asking "hey how was your weekend?"

Thru your posts we always feel that you are such a talented girl and live life to the fullest. There are very few people who live an authentic life making each moment so meaningful. Some people are just rushed doing lot of things but you truly live each moment.

I wish you would also write on your travel blog about your latest trip to US.

How do you cook in tagine?

Kamini said...

Vinita, thank you so much for your comment. You have no idea how good it makes me feel :-) I will be writing about my US trip on my travel blog...hopefully within the next 2 days! So check back...
I made upma in the Tagine. I did the first part on the stove on my skillet, that is, roasting the rava, tempering it, adding onions and veggies and then I transferred it to the tagine and added the water and salt and kept it in a very low flame on a trivet on the stove. The base is not big enough to make too much at a time but for 2 people its big enough. This is where I got my help from.!opendocument&startkey=Tagine

PreeOccupied said...

If this is not interesting, I wonder what is. Great collection and love the teaming up of your lamps with festive.

Vinita said...

Thanks Kamini for the useful link. I always wanted to cook in a tagine and had seen it on tv too but had forgotton if I was supposed to keep it directly on stove or other such directions.

And your blog is truly addictive, when I found it I couldn't stop reading. It reads like a novel.

And I know thru your blog that you have relocated too.. I am going thru the same thing though I am still in US just a different state.

Over the long weekend when I went back to texas I looked at it from a different perspective also lamenting that I have to leave this behind. Will I be able to adjust in the new place? even though the new place is more exciting still there is going to be an adjustment period.

So in that sense your blog is truly inspirational because you have moved continents, have settled down, made a home, kept yourself busy, ,moved on and made peace with everything.

Frangipani Decor said...

I've watched Sholay about 21 times, including one hilarious screening in London where the subtitles were truly marvellous!

Your weekend sounds lovely! What do you use to polish brass? I'm looking for a brasso-alternative. Am never satisfied with the results!

Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor