Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Rap-Up!

Linking up to Patty's Weekend Wrap-Up!

The weekend is over, it came and then went
Why isn't it longer? That's my constant lament
With 48 hours to use and abuse
and time to chill out, relax and let loose
You'd think I could get all those chores completed
and still have some time for my feet to get treated
at the spa round the corner? But the days just flew by
I have so much undone, my plans went awry!
It started with sanding and scraping the trunk
The one that long been abandoned as junk
Once it was smoothened bit by small bit
I got out my brushes and started on it
I painted a border of black on the top
Inside of which my new painting I'd drop
And decoupage it with a glue called Mod Podge
To hold it in place so it doesn't dislodge
Then I drew with white charcoal some art on one side
Nothing fancy or showy but I think it's alright
I stopped at that point, I had things to fulfill
I'll get back to the painting, I certainly will.
Then later that day I went for a lecture
On the origin of Sanskrit and Indian culture
About Brahmi and Pali the professor drawled
Spellbinding and thrilling it had me enthralled
I came back enlightened about linguistics
And metre and rhyme and ancient phonetics
On Sunday I cooked, my uncle came by
I made matar panir and stuffed okra fry
Then I lazed and I blogged and then shopped for some lamps
My diya collection I had to revamp
The locksmith who said he'd come by on Sunday
Never showed up at all to my sad dismay
So the mystery box still stays locked and sealed
The contents of which yet have not been revealed

So that was my weekend, some this and some that
Some eating, some shopping and time for chit chat
I finally finished the article I started
In which some ideas for design in schools I imparted
I went to the shop and got some art framed
To send to a blogger....who shall stay unnamed :-)!!

I hope that the weekend brought joy to you too
And it was restful and calm with no hullabaloo!


Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh! you write so so well!! *shocked* & super impressed!!

Youve had a super busy weekend.. You started work on that box.. I missed it..

I'll come back tonight and see what you've been upto... Thanks for joining in!! :-)

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

wow! impressive:)...but disappointed that its jst the lyrics..was hoping to hear you rapping!
...why dont you include an audio file too :)

and oh no! the locksmith didn't turn up?...

Anpu said...

IMPRESSED [hence the caps!!] You are such a wonderfully talented multi dimensional lady, Kamini! Loved the lyrics...and waiting for the mystery box to be opened and all that art that you got framed.
Have a fantastic week, and hope that Locksmith come in quickly...

purplehomes said...

what a lovely Sharon just file wanted:) Waiting to see your chest & those diyas are very artistic.

Vinita said...

hee hee Awesome:))

It finally dawned on me after the fourth line or so....

GB said...

Goodness. Is there anything you CAN'T do? Loved yo' rappin'!!

OOOh open the mystery box already.....I can't take the suspense!!grumble, mutter, loCkSmitH**#$%....

Kamini said...

Ha ha no way I'm doing an audio file of that! Yes, am so mad at the darn locksmith, am tempted to just try to break the lock, but I don't want to damage the box! I am dying of curiosity! My cousin remembers my great grandpa using that box to store money...
Prachi - I bought the diyas at Inhabit, but now am tempted to buy plain ones and jazz them up like these.

Komali Nunna said...

It is just beautiful the way you write. Love it.

PreeOccupied said...

I'd love to hear you sing that ALOUD. Love your Diyas. Guess what I got two boxes of clay diyas in a superstore here, I was so surprised.

Sudha said...

you are Super COOL

Turmericnspice said...

Well the mystery box is killing us all...:) i think we cld each do a guessing game till it is open...:)

you write very well.

I wld love to be part of your sanskrit origin class...absolutely enchanting!! to die for

Sound Horn Please said...

Wow! My respect went up a few more notches. How many more facets? Cook on roller skates, by any chance? :) Oooooh! I wonder who that lucky blogger is!

Shanthi said...

Oops!!! I am so late to read the blog and almost all that I wanted to say has been said. GB just took words from my mouth. I was just wondering a couple of days ago - Is there anything that u can't do.

hmmmmm.... We are all waiting for that mystery to unfold.

Have a great weekend ahead

Dr.Sameena Prathap


Beautiful write up...:)


Shanthi said...

BTW are the legs in the picture yours. Very sexy. :-)

Kamini said...

Shanthi...ha ha NO! I wish...thats what they would have looked like I suppose had I been able to make it. Maybe it will look like that tomorrow???