Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Kanika of "And Another" has tagged and awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award...but before I can lay my hands on it, I need to reveal 7 truths about myself that other bloggers know nothing about!!! And then I need to pass the tag/award baton onto 7 other bloggers!!! That second part is easy to do, but 7 closely guarded truths about myself which I was hoping no one would find out about.....well....(deep breath) goes:

1. I nag! There's no other way to say it..I AM A NAG! I nag folks about keeping things neat and clean and in their place, I nag about eating right, I nag about exercise, I nag about being lazy and then I nag about being late...which brings me to my second truth....

2. I hate being late to anything! I would rather leave early and get there way ahead of time and sit in my car or wait at a locked gate, than be even a minute late! Now everyone knows that in Hyderabad, there is no such thing as "being on time" very often I am the first at any event!!! And my husband hates it!

3. If I am wronged (not conned or duped cos then it is due to MY stupidity) once by someone, then there is no second chance for them. That's it! I can be forgiving but it depends on the situation! If the "wrong doer" has no excuse, then its bye bye from me!

4. I am a compulsive list maker...I make grocery lists (and that too based on the store layout so I don't have to retrack), to-do lists, shopping lists, invitee lists, menu lists, blog post lists, lists of what lists I should make. Yes, that bad!

5. I resent shopping. If I could have everything delivered at home or by clicking "send" online, then thats fine, but to go out to shop...boring!

6. Since mathematics seems to be a nemesis for many, I will admit I am fairly good at it and also have a flair for technical things! At one time I was so intrigued by amps and watts and lumens and foot candle calculations, I wanted to be a lighting designer!

7. I am basically a homebody! Fancy la-di-da parties tire me and bore me, but an informal, casual dinner at my place or a friend's place with good food, followed by games and good conversation and lively music really appeals to me!

Since I'm on a roll here let me add a couple more....

8. I will not respond to chain e mails, you know the kind on happiness, love, laughter etc that you're supposed to forward to 10 others, including the sender to let them know how much you care.....well I DO care, but I won't be sending them back :-)

9. I sometimes secretly wish I received as many gifts as I give. I enjoy making and buying gifts for others, but somehow never seem to get as many back. I know I know....I'm not supposed to expect anything, but still....

I thought this would be difficult, but now there are so many more I want to add. But I'll save it for another time....

Hmmm so who shall I tag? How about -

Patty at Colours Dekor
Pree at Preeoccupied
Lakshmi at Celebrations Decor
Deepa at Lifestyle Coutures
Sayantani at A Homemakers Diary
Lakshmi at Hyderabad
Sundeep at Designwali

So lets hear it! And since 7 confessions turned out to be not so difficult, I will change the rules to say "at least seven"!


PreeOccupied said...

Thank you for giving a closer look at the very creative and warm Zingara Girl of Saffron and Silk.

I am like you when it comes to chain emails and those send to 10 people else bad luck will strike you! I dont even read them, I just hit the delete button.

Just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful home and a very warm personality. Your vivaciousness is infectious. Yours is one of the first Blogs I read every morning. I look forward to more posts about/from your home.

purplehomes said...

you are a girl after my heart! i loved the bit about making lists of what lists to make:)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Can I copy the first four points please. Its uncanny how similar we are!!

Sayantani said...

thanks for this post.I always love this tagging as it allows us to peep in our favourite blogger's life. like you I also prefer to be on or before time but again with a lazy hubby now a days that almost becoming impossible.
thanks for tagging let me think what to spill.

Patricia Torres said...

Kamini.. my love.. this is awesome!! You are my true soul mate.. I feel like doing a copy paste... Its like me talking to me... except no. 9... I dont like receiving gifts.. coz if the person doesnt know your taste.. then the gift is wasted.. and if you dont use it.. then the person gets upset... So gifts are only welcome.. from people who touch my soul & heart... I can give a truck load... but dont want any in return and I've even informed friends about it :-)