Saturday, October 9, 2010

My "borrowed" Sunday quote

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend....I had a lovely Saturday, most of it revolved around food :-) and it looks like today is going to as well! Why is that??? Anyways, I have been in a cleaning frenzy, having some friends over, then we are all off to Beyond Coffee for lunch....yummmm.

In the meantime, ponder over this very original and thought provoking quote by Abz Hakim, one of my favorite artists who lives in Canada. I am a religious follower of his blog....the colors and his style astound me! I assure you, you will get hooked too!

Doesn't it make perfect sense???? So lose yourself in whatever you are doing, cooking, gardening, playing, reading, decorating, singing, painting, loving...don't hesitate, don't hold back, just completely give in.....let go!
Thank you Abz for letting me borrow and repost!!!


Sayantani said...

you know Kamini right now am reading Mistress by Anita Nair. and there one of the main character Koman learns Kathakali to find himself in the role he plays. lovely read...and today here you are almost voicing the same. am a true believer of this quote but my hubby sometimes complains as when I work I forget everything around me...happy sunday.

LILY NAIR said...

Hey Kamini,

That is indeed a lovely quote-so simplistic in its thought and so identifiable! And, thank you for a lovely afternoon- the tour of the house was great...looked pretty familiar thanks to your blog.

Patricia Torres said...

huumm... Happy Sunday to you Kamini.. I'm off to check his blog.. :-)