Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kaprifolium - that's Norwegian for Honeysuckle!

Shanthi who blogs regularly on Patty's blog, approached me with a request to do a guest post on my blog! Why on earth would I refuse? Having read her fab posts and having met her in person too, I knew she would inject a breath of her bubbly infectious personality into my blog! Shanthi lives in exotic Norway, speaks Norwegian like a native....and has even eaten Rakfisk!!! Eek....
Go Shanthi - you're IT!
When Kamini said that she would do a guest post from me I was super excited!!!!  But then the reality began to sink. WHAT!!!! Am I in my senses - A guest post on Kamini’s blog – how can I do that. She has carved a special place for herself and for saffronandsilk where her blog posts have become a can’t miss click to so many of you.
Anyway with the burden of this standard already set on my shoulder I decided to do it, and the words like Confident, courage, Strength …. kept me going. If this was not enough a couple of posts I started to work on were taken in the last 2 days . Unfair Unfair I screamed to myself. I thought “Eeks” is what Kamini would say to my current theme, but then I am ME and not Kamini so here we go…. 
A month into the New Year did Honeysuckle – the colour of 2011 make its way into your homes. What are you waiting for? It seems to be quite therapeutic – Pantone says that the festive and alluring honeysuckle will encourage and uplift your spirit, elevate confidence and embolden you to help face the day to day challenges that can cause stress. 
Need some tips to go about it…. 
Entry Way
Use on large walls or door ways in the entry of a home or apartment for an upbeat and dramatic first impression.
Think Pink in the Living room

Dining Room
An appetite and conversation stimulant, use shades of honeysuckle in glassware, candles and table linens, place mats and napkins for the perfect pop.

Liven up tired cabinets with a coat of honeysuckle paint or you can try it in smaller doses on small counter top appliances, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

Give your room energy with bedspreads and accent cushions in this warm hue or use even a simple floral arrangement of peonies or orchids to lend your room vibrancy.
Girl’s room
A monotone palette with other pinks are sophisticated and feminine. Or if pinks are too much, try orange and yellow to keep the shades warm.
Textiles like shower curtains and towels will be easily matched with neutral brown or grey interiors. 
This hot hue is the perfect shade for patio throw pillows, serving trays or outdoor decor.
Pair it up
And if you were wondering what to do with all the soft blues and turquoise that you've come to love over the last year – don't despair! Honeysuckle pairs perfectly with last year's Pantone's colour of the year – Turquoise 
look to our very own Kanika for some hot buys…
And finally Shanthi's very own personal honeysuckle possession....
Thanks Shanthi! Anytime you want to guest post, just holler!


Ambika said...

This is a stunning post! Each picture is super drool-worthy :)
I'd never have used the color so boldly and creatively, now I definitely will!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You speak Norwegian! We were in Scandinavia in 91 BC, before children :). My husband gave me the option of going to Paris/Rome or Scandinavia for 21 days. I did not even think about it. Paris and Rome I figured we would do at some point. It is rare to get a chance to see Sweden and Norway. I had a penpal from Iceland in Madras!!!! I loved the trains, the markets, the people. So friendly. Most of the countries were on reciprocity and did not charge Indian citizens for visas. The people are lovely.

I loved the pink/honeysuckle shades in your blog. My favorite is the 5th from the bottom, one with the dark jaali and bamboo growing behind with the bright cushions. Unfortunately pink is a no, NO in my house. Everybody frowns when I pick up a teeny tiny cushion :). I had a good time going through the pictures. Very bright and lively.

I have seen rakfisk being made on Food Channel. Great going!!!! Thank God I am vegetarian otherwise I am one of those adventurous ones who tries to eat everything that is possible (vegetarian) :).

Kamini: Please feel free to let me know if my replies are too long and windy. I go into nostalgia mode when I come across blogs I like.


Anu Gummaraju said...

Beautiful post. I LOVE all the pictures you've shared Shanthi! Can't wait to see your blog up and hear more about how a simple Indian girl ended up in the north pole :).

Gagan, have you seen this :)?

Kanika Bahl said...

Yay!!! Thanks for the feature Shanthi!

Patricia Torres said...

Stunning... and I love.. love pink!!

Sound Horn Please said...

Lovely post Shanthi! Hope to see many more on your blog soon :) Btw loved your mysore silk sari and the blouse...