Thursday, March 3, 2011

A contest AND a Giveaway......

"Hallo min nydelige laesere" - that's Norwegian for "Hello my lovely readers"....! Yes, this is my second Nordic inspired post, No, I've not suddenly decided to speak only in Norwegian, and yes, I am speaking for my Nordic friend Shanthi again! The same brave Rakfisk eating Shanthi :-)

OK, so here's the deal...Shanthi has for a while now been toying with the idea of starting her own blog, and is struggling with naming her blog! We all know that's the hardest part, the name can make it or break it. I mean would you read a blog called or No, I didn't think so....but I am sure you would be intrigued by or 

So she has decided to have a contest and is inviting names for her blog. To make things easier for you she has come up with a brief description of herself, her likes, dislikes etc. All the rules for this contest are below, and the reward is not only being the creator of the name of her blog, but the proud owner of "an ethnic Indian decor piece" from her. And I know from pics what beautiful objects are scattered throughout her home, so trust me - it will be gorgeous! So best of luck to you all.....

NAME IT!!!!!!
Who am I  - Shanthi  - a simple Indian girl that went to the North pole (Norway) 20 years ago.
What I love – Décor, travel, photography , Beautiful , Exotic, Vintage, Ethnic, Modern, Stylish and the list goes on ….
What is this all about - Have been nurturing for a while now, to have my own place to share the beautiful things and treats in life that catches my eye and touches my heart and gives me a colorful break from the daily grind :-).

I admire anything and everything that is chic and charming. EUREKA!!!! – accidentally discovering you all in the décor world -  gave me a sudden glimpse into the girl next door that gave me the sense of  belonging.  Come join me in this journey and help me to NAME this colorful adventure to satiate my love for all things beautiful - to be launched soon. 

Who can - The Blog naming contest “NAME IT” is open for all from all over the world

When  - last date for entry is 10th March 2011

How  - Can post them as comments under this post and can also send an email to

Reward – The winner will be duly rewarded with an ethnic Indian décor piece that you will want to treasure.

And Shanthi, sorry I keep harping ( ha ha no pun intended) on the Rakfisk....hope you don't mind, its just for fun :-)


jolly said...

'Glimpses with me'

Anonymous said...


My husband is a Minnesota Gopher so of course I have a Minnesota Viking hat :). best wishes to your new blog. Looking forward to pictures of Scandinavia.


Sudha said...

beautiful! it would be a treat to see nordic home with beautiful indian decor. I have a very cookie cutter atlanta home all danish-desi style :)

and for the name, let me think and be back..all the best for your new would be wonderful to see another very talented indian girl speak her mind ...yay!!

Sangeetha said...

I think it should be "Desgin with Peace" (Shanthi being a translation for peaceful)

Sharon said...

Home Shanthi Home

:) sent you some more at your email id Shanthi, but HSH is really catchy I think.

Vinita said...

"Norwegian homes Indian style"

Nordic homes Desi style.

Shanthi said...

@Kamini Thank you K! for the wonderful posts :-). U have a Jaadu in your words that can make any story look fantastic. I never thought my posts would sound so Great!!!.
@all Thanks for the encouragement and good words and also for such cool suggestions. Hmmmm I am not going to open my mouth until the 10th. I am super excited as of now :-) Have a nice weekend

Raga said...

Hi Shanti,

This is Raga, and here's my suggestion: and means the Indian light or "deep" in the dark northern place Norway.

Arcticdeep didn't sound so good.

Kamini said...

Shanthi - tried to keep Raga away, couldn't do it :-) He insisted!!!

indianyarn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kamini said...

Indianyarn...sorry, I had to delete your comment because your suggestion for a blog name actually led me to a blog already existing with that name, and all it had was foul language. Of course, you would not have hope you don't mind!

indian yarn said...

Kamini, you don't have to apologize. i understand. i was totally unaware of its existence.

Shanthi said...

Raga I am thrilled and honoured. Without a second thought I would have taken that name . Hmmmm it is already taken. So keep the churning mill on and I am looking forward to more.

Patricia Torres said...

.. thinking again... how about.... 'from my land'.. 'away in norway'... 'a bit of india in norway'... 'a design soul'... 'a beautiful mind'...

Good luck with the blogging Shanti.. cant wait to see you in action!!

Krithika said...

Hi Shanti
How about "Mini India in Scandinavia"
Looking forward to your blog !!

Good wishes
Krithika Ram

Veda Murthy said...

Dear shanthi,

all the best for the new blog. some suggestions that I could think of for your blog:

1. Hyggelig with Shanthi's - hygge obviously is a meaning of comfyness and nice feeling in both danish n norwegian. adding shanthi's there would mean if someone comes to your blog or a look in to your home, they should experience that comfyness and niceness that you would show them in ur posts.

If i can think more i will write back to you!