Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My tribute to Japan!

Sorry for this long delay in posts, just as I was getting my head wrapped around going back to a regular blogging routine, the horrific tragedy in Japan happened, and it seems like all I do these days is watch the terrible news on TV and really mourn the loss of so many lives of such a lovely country and such beautiful people.

No one, not even my worst enemy, deserves to have to deal with such a disaster, and least of all the most cultured, refined, polite people on the planet! I have admired the country for their incredible sense of aesthetics and design, their refined artistic talents, their whole outlook on life, their spiritual beliefs, their discipline and their capacity to find beauty in everything. These are the people who have given the rest of the world such meaningful profound simple ideas like Wabi Sabi, Feng Shui, Ikebana, Zen and Washoku and introduced us to the pleasures of matcha and green tea, mochi balls and the bento box!

So as a tribute to the people of Japan, I would like to share - via these images - some of the beauty they have brought into our lives, and pray they recover from this calamity and continue to inspire us!

I hope and pray the country will survive this ordeal, get back on its feet and regain their faith! As many of you know, my husband and I were headed there early April, but obviously now our plans have changed! I know I will visit the country some day, and I know that day will come soon. 
A lot of world aid is coming their way to help them get back on their feet, I for one am making a donation to The Red Cross. I urge you all to do the same if you can afford to!

All images via flickr photo sharing!


hindu blog said...

It's Fantastic post and also image. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have been watching the screen and wondering at how stoic they are in the face of such horrendous calamity! And it just seems to increase every single day with something new being thrown at them!

I was also thinking of you and your upcoming trip to Japan. Red Cross has been sent our donation.


Kamini said...

My3, thanks for the donation.
Yes, we are now heading to Australia instead..Melbourne and Sydney. My husband's brother and family live there and have been asking us for months to come visit. sort of a serendipitous turn of events even though my heart was set on Japan!
I have never seen such an orderly respectful outcome of a natural disaster. Most countries would be besieged with rampant looting and robbery! Hats off to the Japanese people!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

lovely post Kamini. Red cross is the way to go! I too applaud the dignity with which Japan is handling this horrific situation.

Patricia Torres said...

Kamini... I cant seem to talk about Japan at all.. People stayed at our offices for two nights.. and couldn't get home.. The office in Tokyo is still closed.. as people cant commute.. Yes.. the ones affected as so so courteous.. and dignified.. really!! Its amazing!! I can only hold a few thoughts close to my heart... as words wont be enough to express them here.. We are doing donation drives in the office... We've initiated a scheme where .. one days pay goes directly towards the contributions our office in making.. Plus the office will match donations.. This is excluding the donations they are making in terms of electronics & funds..

We can only hope & pray that all this will help them regain their lives..

Shanthi said...

So civilised and dignity personified in this hour of crisis. Something the rest of the world has to learn from them.

mashhood said...

My good wishes are with Japan n Japanese people.... By the way nice images....

Val said...

They're getting through some astonishing hardship with amazing strength and grace. Thank you for this post.

The photos are beautiful.