Thursday, March 10, 2011

Og vinneren er......

Last time I speak Norwegian, I promise....but having started in Norwegian I couldn't possibly stop now?
Its been announced! The contest is officially over! Shanthi of Norway has picked the name for her blog. I'll let her handle the rest....
YAY !!!! here I am with my blog name(s). After having put the burden on your shoulders , I thought it would be easy to just select a name. But noooooooo believe me it was not. Guess what ? there were about a 100 suggestions to choose from and each one is as unique as the other. 
Thanks Kamini, Patty and Prachi for posting this contest giving it an interesting start.
First off  let me thank Raga – Kamini’s better half for his contribution. I appreciate it soooooo very much. Thank you Raga I am honoured and floored.
[I have to insert my bit here - I tried my level best to dissuade Raga from adding his 2 cents, told him just because he had met Shanthi he had no right to take part in this contest for blog readers....and his name was too "left-brained" would get dropped in the first round!!!]
Patty !!! Oh my God!  You have a churning mill – Amazing how many names came out of it. Thank you so much.
Kamini – Viking girl was one of my favorite too – but was already taken. Thanks for and
Sharon – what lovely suggestions. I liked many of them.
Harshita, Rose, Anu, Shilpa and Urmi from colours dekor team – Thank you all for the supporting words and wonderful suggestions.  Rose I liked “A little peace of Shanthi”  but was considering with a little twist – A peace of me.
Anu , Tanu, Richa, Jolly, My3, Sudha, Sangeeta, Vinita, Krithika, Veda, SHP, Shaen – Thank you all for your interesting and thoughtful inputs. Veda – do you live in Denmark?
Gagan – where are u? Missed your suggestion.
I know I know you are all eager , but I have to acknowledge you all  first and now the WINNER is……..
Huh !!! Did u think it was that simple. Nope!!!  I am torn between 2 names and I spent a day and a night trying to figure out which one is cool, catchy and apt. Both meant a lot to me. I tried to ask friends and family here in Norway but they confused me even more.
Name 1: “Arctic Diya” by Raga and with that additional touch from K! (AD)
Name 2: “Home Shanthi Home” by Sharon (HSH)
So finally I chose this easy way

And the winner here is Home Shanthi Home. As my heart was not willing to part with Arctic Diya I used the and that too voted for Home Shanthi Home. 
Still unable to let go of Arctic Diya , I am registering both the names and declaring both as Winners.  Congrats Sharon and Raga. Hey Sharon send me your mailing address and Raga I know where you live

I will be launching the blog officially on the 20th of March 2011 with my first post on one of them that prevails. So you can still send in your choice between the two.  I got to go now and start working on the look and feel of the blog. Looks like happy days are over now.  Meanwhile keep sending me suggestions and useful tips that can make the process easy. See you all soon.
Thanks Shanthi! That was a truckload of fun.....thrilled you'll have your own blog but not so thrilled I won't be featuring your guest posts any more! All the best to you in your new endeavor!
And now I have some "splainin" to do to Raga and some humble pie to eat :-( And won't he be happy?


Shilpa Kamath said...

Congrats Sharon & Raga. The names are lovely and very apt!

@Shanthi - Waiting eagerly for you to start posting away now :)

Sharon said...

Wow!:) glad you liked it :)

Kanika Bahl said...

Shanthi! Congratulations...eagerly awaiting your blog launch! All the best!

Veda Murthy said...

hi shanthi!

Nice name and apt one u chose.....I was 100% sure that i what u r gonna like. becoz it just instantly felt rgt to me too....sharon congratulations!!!!!!!

all the best for ur blog....and looking fwd to see ur posts...

well my first 4 yrs of marriage i lived in i have spl affinity n liking to that place!


Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Lovely names! But, Shanthi, you know in your heart of hearts you prefer Arctic Diya which is why you are unwilling to let it go even though random pickings keep choosing the other one (which is also great btw)!!

Sound Horn Please said...

Sorry again that I haven't been of much help here!All the best for your blog Shanthi! I hope for many more inspirational photos, lots of eye candy and some wonderful time spent surfing.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to sharon and raga,

You can make it Arctic Diya's Home shanti home. lol

Kamini I know you were planning a trip to japan. I hope your loved ones are safe there. And we are glad that you are not in japan right now.

Patricia Torres said...

... Congrats Sharon!! well deserved!! Shanthi.. I cant wait.. I'm super excited for you.. and am sure you'll do a fabulous job!! Cant wait!! :-)