Thursday, August 18, 2011

Color overdose - Lucas Risé

I'm so confused....! On one hand I find myself being drawn to pristine, serene white spaces where the architecture shines through unfettered by color and chaos. Then on the other hand I am so attracted to colorful spaces loaded with texture and pizazz and zest! I mean, here is a perfect example...just yesterday I posted this house that had me oohing and aahing and determined to keep my next house all white. And I was perfectly happy with that decision. Then today...I SEE THIS and I know that I cannot live without color.

This home and studio of Lucas Risé. 
Lucas is an Argentinian who studied Graphic Design in the Design and Urbanism School of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His unique style matured during his travels and experiences in South America, Africa, the United State and Europe. Painting street signs and murals in Buenos Aires since the age of 12,Risé focuses on art that interacts, that transforms from different angles to become a universe of its’ own. His dimensional art has been featured in publications and capitals the world. In 2006 he was a finalist in the prestigious National Art Awards (Buenos Aires) for a functional sculpture featuring 20,000 individually painted pieces...and as they say, the rest was history. 
And here is his home and studio.

Lucas has his own shop where he makes beautifully painted cabinets and textiles. I'll bring that to you in another post...I thought the color overload would be too much of I did it all in one day!
I apologize for the slightly sad quality of the pictures, but thats all I could get from the website! :-(

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