Friday, August 5, 2011

Light white Swedish Interiors!

The Swedes are masters of light and masters of white. For a country that lives 6 months out of the year in darkness, they sure know a thing or two about light. And what is it about the quality of light in these Scandinavian countries that makes the interiors look like they've just been bathed in a soft soulful sunlit glow? 

Or does the sun somehow decide that since he does not shine there for 6 months, he is going to be generous and radiate some extra special sunlight upon them the remaining 6 months of the year? I have yet to see a Scandinavian interior that didn't look fabulous! Are the Swedes drawn to white to make up for those 6 months of no light???? 

Ok enough rambling....! For the past 2 days I have been mesmerized by the interiors by the Swedish design firm of Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör. Their website had so many absolutely stunning interiors, I could not decide which home to pick. So I decided on a few from each. 

Everything is white.....the walls, the ceilings, the countertops, the flooring, the woodwork, the trim, the baseboard..everything! The only variation on white you will see is maybe a muted grey on a wall, or another color for the wood flooring. You'd think it would be one cold stark room, but paired with colorful warm rugs and furnishings, they are STUNNING!

Without further ado.....

This was all I needed to convince me that my next house will not have even a smidgeon of any other color other than white on the walls. No really! I think i have officially entered the "white phase" of my design life!


Hellohello baby said...

I live in Norway and all the whit interior made me start blogging. I was starving for colorful asian/etnic inspiration. But I do agree about white beeing amazingly beautiful.
I think your filosofic thought around why scandinavians love white so much are spot on. Light interior liftes our spririt in the dark time of year.

Lovely post :)

indian yarn said...

i have asked this question many times - why is the sun light so different in scandinavia - Is it because the pollution is less and the light does not have to travel through the pollution that makes it have a special glow ?

another point is - the scandinavian interiors are NOT in a Hurry to fill it UP. Are they more economical and sustainable and can appreciate nature's interiors - most wood is not polyurthaned that makes the wood wash off its original color ?

however they love color as well - Big blobs of color juxtaposed well
to make it part of a story.

in fact i have been looking to mimic this "swedish white " in paint for my walls - still looking
and especially for a east facing wall where the color changes all the time.

Harmonizing with nature is definitely glamorous - the swedes and the scandinavians have shown it.

indian yarn said...

however the best "white" i have seen in the US is the - White House white - when i googled i read the white house white color is a secret and a combination's of many whites .

the other closest that i have seen on a budget is the ikea white cabinets which also makes a similar statment - i don't remember the name of the style.

I can go on about White - I have too much to say !

Kamini said...

Indian yarn...I think its a combination of the quality of the northern light as well as less pollution. Whatever it is it's beautiful! They are also definitely much more environmentally conscious than the rest of the world!

Shweta said...

I am an absolute sucker for whites,, in my new apartment, i went in for white flooring and white walls, much to the protests of my husband who has dubbed it the white house ! But the effect is good. Even in the monsoons, my house looks nice and bright. Not to mention the illusion of space it creates. Could not convince him to get white wardrobes though.. i wish i had them !

Nayana said...

I love whites, it looks bright, airy, clean. It always appeals me in pics but i guess if in reality If were to live in space with all white, I would want to add colors.

Shalini said...

I love the clean and spare Scandinavian lines. What I really love about their decor style is that despite having so much white, they still make it feel warm and inviting with lots of pops of color.

Shanthi said...
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Shanthi said...

That was a lovely post Kamini! Yes the sun here is bright and glows golden especially when it rises and sets. White is very popular color and specially the younger generation love simple clean straight lines and are minimalistic in their decor style.

Kala said...

I have always been a sucker for color, but I am in love with whites too...a typical Gemini, full of contradictions, what can I say? Simply stunning and elegant with the pops of color. And incredibly soothing:)