Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eastern Aesthetics

Architecture and design, like fashion, are substantially influenced by the world around them. With cross fertilisation of cultures, today's homes are more eclectic than ever. One aesthetic that has become popular is that of the Far East., particularly China and Japan. Steeped in tradition, symbolism and spirituality, Chinese and Japanese design elements offer an exoticism like no other. The minimialism refreshes and soothes the soul, and the warmth imbues the rooms with elegance. Whether its the colors, textures, forms or mystical qualities that stir our emotions, Eastern style resonates with most of us. Here are some ideas to help you bring a little bit of the Far East into your home and attain that same Zen like could be as simple as a few stones placed next to a bowl of water, a Japanese scroll painting, a statue of Buddha serene and soothing, a row of potted orchids, a low mattress as a bed, a chest in a vibrant shade of red.......get inspired!

Where does the room end and the garden begin? The earthy hues and textures heighten the connection with the outdoors.
The focal point is a sofa in a bold red hue. Ceramic vases with calligraphy, Japanese lanterns and shoji screens are all ancient Asian design elements.
Here is a Zen like setting with a rug, a sculptural chair and some tulips. So simple, yet so beautiful!
A delicate orchid, a folding screen and a scroll painting all infuse the room with an Eastern tone.
Four chairs, four bowls and four spoons in perfect symmetry create a feeling of peace. White lilies echo the hue of the bowls against a red backdrop that is vivid, not jarring.
A yin and yang effect is achieved with the cool whites of the walls, windows and dishes counterbalancing the deep reddish hue of the tables and planter. Perfect harmony!
Minimalistic furnishings, juxtaposing light and dark elements are design strategies that create a dramatic effect.
This room may seem simple, but it is filled with details.....bamboo frame, wood and paper doors, an array of artwork all
combined with the focus of the room, the white futon, to ensure harmony.
Sliding glass doors bring the outside in and the inside out. A low table, a futon, a small chest....all the functional furnishings needed.
A peaceful, contemporary bedroom thansk to the balanced mixture of materials. The warm cabinets, the cool metallic walls, the sleek bed, the shoji screen.....
Minimal furniture, lamps with paper and plenty of wood combine to give and Asian overtone.
The earth toned tiles integrate the bath with the outdoors. Using the tiles on the tub and the floor creates an organic look, as though the tub were flowing into the floor like water.

Photos coutesy "Eastern Spirit" by Lisa Jill Schlang.

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