Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Orange you happy?

These days I'm loving orange. Not that it has ever NOT been my absolute favorite color (ask anyone who knows me well and they will confirm this, my house is full of orange)......but these days I am just more into it than ever before! The vibrant citrus shade is a symbol of energy, warmth, happiness, success and creativity. Orange is now being called the new neutral. It is versatile and will add a pop of color to anything when used in small doses. It is also being hailed as the go-to gender-neutral baby color of choice! Beyond that, some even hypothesize that the hue actually increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, stimulating mental activity. Color theories aside, from an aesthetic standpoint, orange makes for an appealingly modern palette. Here are some fun ways to add a dash of orange to your life.....get inspired!

Fabric, flooring and carpeting

Add some zip to your table setting with orange dinnerware
A touch of retro - funky orange furniture
Thick fluffy towels
Colorful bedding and pillows
Lamps and lanterns which will cast a rich exotic glow to any room
Candles to create a warm romantic mood
Some strappy shoes
All girls definitely need some orange bling
And then relax and have a popsicle!

Photgraphs courtesy Elle Decor April-May 2009 issue, various media sources and my own.

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