Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mosaic Monday - The Magnificent White Lotus!

The Lotus rises
Out of mud to stand
Tall and pure
Understand then, why 'tis
So sacred to the East!

The lotus rises through the murky waters of ponds and lakes yet, when it blooms, it floats upon the surface, its petals shining and untainted by the mud from which it emerged. In the scriptural language and sacred poetry of Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus perfectly embodies the soul, rising up through the murkiness of worldly experience until it reaches the surface of the spiritual realm and blooms, vibrant and pure, free from all taint and attachment.

This beauty bloomed in our lotus pond last summer! I cannot wait to see the gorgeous blooms this year!

For some Mosaic Monday fun go to Mary's blog!


Bobbi said...

Very beautiful mosaic! Have a great new week!

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful flower mosaic. Take care:)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Hi Kamini, Lovely..its great to connect with you again. Remember me,this is Anuradha from Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Nice mosaic! Is this in your yard? Just curious.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Kamini said...

Bobbi and a Garden of Threads - thank you.
Anu - yes I do remember. In fact, I read your blog too every day.I love seeing your Seattle pics, makes me so nostalgic. Lets keep in touch.
Snappy di - Thanks and yes, this is my yard here in India.

luna said...

So beautiful!!
Happy mosaic monday...Luna

Maggie B said...

Such a pretty mosaic, how lovely to have this in your garden.
Happy MM

32˙North said...

Water gardens are remarkable - your is stunning!


Kamini said...

Thanks Luna, Maggie and Amanda. It took a couple of years for the lotuses to get going, but the waiting paid off!

My Slice of Heaven said...

Very pretty mosaic! Your blog is wonderful, your artwork is fabulous. What a talent you have!

Kamini said...

Thank you "My Slice of Heaven". I appreciate it a lot.