Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Window sill magic....

Ever wondered what to do with that window sill you have? How to make it look interesting and artistic? Here are some great ideas.

Who says glass ornaments are just for Xmas? Hang some colorful glass balls from the top of the frame so they catch the light as it streams through the window.

Arrange your favorite odds and ends...that one of a kind paperweight, the odd glass bottle, some pretty boxes...and add some potted plants to finish it off

Group together some chunky ceramic pottery...the quirkier and more oddly shaped they are, the more interesting they will be. Indian pickle jars or "jaadis and martabaans" are perfect because they come in such assorted sizes and shapes.

Ever wonder what to do with those used wine bottles? If they have fun colors and labels, here is a nice way to show them off.

Big bold colorful flowers in big bold colorful bottles add a splash of color to an otherwise dull windowsill.

Tall shapely glass vases all lined up are simple and elegant. You don't always have to fill them with flowers, this way you turn the focus on the simple sleek lines of the vases themselves.

One of my favorite ways to liven up a sill...prop a painting up against the window and coordinate with vases and flowers that pick out the colors of the painting.

Glass vases painted in vibrant primary shades with cork stoppers add an ethnic touch to the sill. You can always embellish a simple vase with some gold paint and beads and stones.

Kitschy art placed on bricks in varying heights along with other odds and ends

Greenery is always a good choice for a windowsill. Here the combination of the green jade and money plants and the colorful dahlias and bougainvillea along with an artsy water pitcher looks fabulous.

Yet another floral arrangement...orchids in various colors in simple containers.

An oversized porcelain white teacup and saucer with tiny cactii and green onion leaves. Wheatgrass is another quick growing grass that will fill your pot in 7 days from seed and look fabulous.

More glass ornaments and pretty glass vegetables.

The all time favorites...money plant, ivy, ferns, philodendrons and chrysanthemums, all vying for attention

Onion bulbs in water in clear glass bottles.

Striking red amaryllus flowers