Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kerala - God's own country!

Volumes have been written about the beauty of Kerala. Along with the rice fields, the beaches and the fishermen, picturesque surroundings, the food, the winding rivers and backwaters, the houseboats, the Kathakali dancers, Ayurvedic treatments.....Kerala boasts the highest literacy rate in the country and is one of the cleanest cities to live in. My great grandfather, Prof. R. Srinivasan, was a mathematician as well as musician and lived for many years in Trivandrum. In addition he was also a self taught photographer and developed his own photos in a make-shift dark room in the house. A few years ago my grandmother bequeathed to me all the gorgeous black and white photographs he had taken while in Trivandrum. You can see him in the photo below (the man on the right side in the back row), along with my great grandmother, seated in front of him, my grandparents and my mother as a baby on my great grandma's lap!

Here are a few shots he took, amost 60 plus years ago...he had such a great eye for subject and composition. I hope you enjoy them.

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Sudha said...

you must be so proud!!!...could one inherit anything more cooler...old pics are always close top my heart...thanks for sharing them