Monday, April 19, 2010

Sensational Spaces I

A couple of months ago I reconnected with a friend of mine after almost 10 years. Param Bedi and I used to work together at Callison, an architectural company in downtown Seattle. Since then he has moved to Arlington, VA and I to Hyderabad, India. Param is a fantastic artist/photographer as well as an architect and I will be featuring his work soon in this blog.
In the meantime, I was fortunate enough to see pictures of his sister's home in Bangalore. Rajini Chaddha has had no formal training as a designer, but her sense of space, color and design permeates every room in the house. It is beautifully laid out, the colors harmoniously complement each other, the furniture and decor items are a bold and eclectic synthesis of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional, the East and the West. The light walls showcase the artwork perfectly, the rooms blend right into each other creating a Zen like energy. It takes a keen sense of space and design know-how to blend all these things together and obviously good design just flows through her veins!!! Take a look at this beautiful home, the first in my series of Sensational Spaces!

Thanks to Rajini for letting me share her beautiful home with others.


indian yarn said...

i love the buddha on the wall,the blue in her paintings - the green in her plants and all the lighting - the hanging ones makes the room look very sensational - very liveable and real ( not like a show in one of the magazine covers ) and even the furniture seems very appropriate to the climate - the canes and the wood -

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful home.. colorful..

arundati said...

very beautiful....lovely natural light and cross ventilation

Shaz Originals said...

What a beautifully done home! Loved the paintings.

Following you today... with much love,