Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mango Mania

Summer is not summer unless there are mangos. On one hand you have the relentless sweltering heat, and then on the other hand there's mangos. Ripe, gorgeous, golden Banganapallis, Himayats, Alphonsos, Mallikas.....piled high in the fruit stalls and bursting with sweetness and the flavors and goodness of summer, waiting to be eaten. No fruit can come close to a mango that is in the peak of perfection....! There are a million ways to enjoy a mango but the best way - in my humble opinion - is to peel it, cut in pieces and eat. Of course if it is a Rasalu, then you make an incision at the top and suck on it and squeeze out the sweet syrupy insides of it, and let it all drip down your face! So enjoy the mango season and whichever way you choose to taste it, Bon Appetit!
Mango Mousse
Mango Cheesecake
Mango Trifle
Mango kulfi
Thick mango milkshake
Mango Falooda
Mango juice
Mango mousse Cake
Mango popsicle
And then, my favorite

Images coutesy various media sources.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

I would love to know where the mango mousse cake image came from. We're searching for a recipe for a cake that looks like this. Most others are more cheesecake looking - this one is exactly what we're looking for because it has the same textured crust and filling....

Hoping you can help!

thank you. :)