Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Color next 2011

They've done it again. Asian Paints has unveiled their color forecast trends for 2011. Colors for interiors that is. This is how they describe it:

"A collaborative engagement between leaders of the Indian design fraternity and Asian Paints' experienced color marketing team, Color Next combines the science of research and documentation with visionary design sensibility and creative intuition. The result is an expertly curated, trendsetting series of four color stories that unfold an inspired design vocabulary for the coming year".

Too high brow? Basically what they're saying is the experts have developed 4 distinct color palettes for this year, adding some drama, romance and mystery to make it more exciting.

Here are the four:

Paris @ 40......for the woman who is successful, assured and independent. Proud of her achievements, she is now at a time and place in life where she can take a break and indulge herself.
Paris @ 40 is sophisticated, indulgent and über femme. It exudes glamour, elegance and a dreamy romance.

 Jewel tones and rich texture are juxtaposed with soft pastels and skin tones

Analytical, their second palette, is defined by geometry, organization and symmetry, this palette is inspired by planned, precise lifestyles. (Definitely NOT me). 
Shoes monitor calories burnt, apps record sleep and tweets track food habits. 

The palette is inspired by planned, precise lifestyles. Cool colors complement straight lines, contemporary accessories accent a minimalistic approach to private and public spaces. 

Dreamscapes.......is about dizzying scale, cold mystery and dramatic revelations. Its about those extraordinary experiences that, in a heartbeat, transform the mundane into fascination. My least fav palette....

The aesthetic is derived from subtle white on whites and patterns that create an illusion of movement. Add some pop accent colors to add a surreal dramatic edge to a highly designed space. 

Charcoal.......this is raw sophistication at its best. The palette is theatrical and suited to retail, hospitality and entertainment. I'm starting to like it too...

Highly textured and tactile, the Charcoal interior appeals to the grey, dark side in each one of us. Hmmm...not so sure about that....

So there you have it. The experts have spoken. The only one I can somewhat relate to is Paris @ 40, though even that is a bit too feminine and girly for me. Which one do you like?


Travel Bug said...

While the color palette is fabulous. Two question, do thier paints have lead in them? And how much VOC's (volatile organic compounds) thats gas,giving the fresh paint smell?

Sahana Singh said...

wow, this was like a blast from the past. I mean, it just reminded me of those hours spent over brand DNA and design documents like these when I was in marketing.
What they have done is interesting but kinda takes the joy out of colours for me! very doctored and trying too hard to create profiles. I'd say, just let your own eye decide and put together your own colour story! :)