Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lofty living - Part II

The dictionary describes a loft as " a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building,which may be used for accommodations or storage" or "a large, open area over a shop, warehouse, or factory, sometimes converted into living space". I've blogged about loft living before, so everyone knows my take on it. But, would YOU live in a loft? 

Wait, wait, before you answer take a look at this loft, a place that used to be a factory and located in the center of Zürich, which designer Stefan Holemann turned into a very cozy living space. While still preserving an industrial atmosphere he created a feeling of a modern loft with antique furniture. The house has 39 windows under the roof and a big bathroom.

The cold exterior is completely misleading. Inside, it's a warm and cozy space, with  lamps, carpets, wooden furniture and colorful accents scattered around. Retro furniture and pop-art are combined effortlessly, walls are part rustic, part modern. There's a bit of dark Gothic thrown in for some added interest. 

Isn't it beautiful? Did you notice the Chinese paper lantern hung from the pipes next to the dresser? I loved it. I cannot seem to get enough of my next life I want to be born a Parisian painter living in a loft!!!

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