Monday, May 30, 2011

Kitchen makeover

Does it ever happen to you that one day, suddenly out of the want to change everything in the house? I mean, you're going about your business as usual, doing the things you do every day and then BAM - you're just tired of seeing the same old things in the same old room, the same old way!!!! You want to change things around.

Well, that's how I have been feeling about my kitchen lately. My cook left more than a year ago, and ever since then I have been spending a lot more time - happy time - in the kitchen. I love to cook and as long as she was there, I didn't bother too much about how efficient or user friendly it was. But for the past year now I have sort of been adapting....! Now I really want to change things around so I'm not dashing around madly between the food and the frig. and the dishes and the sink and the stove, tripping over my one dog who is ALWAYS there while I cook!

I need a LOT of counter space, I mean a lot. I guess we all have different ways of cooking, but I cook sort of like they do on cooking shows. I get all my ingredients measured out, my veggies all chopped and lined up, so when its time to cook I have everything right at hand. So obviously I need a lot of space to keep all these things.

Then secondly all my nice pottery and dishes which I never used when my cook was around, have all come out now. So I need a place for them.

So you see....why I need to redo things? So for some inspiration and ideas I checked out Elle Decor's Lookbook. I just loved some of the ideas and over the next week am going to try to incorporate some of them...take a look at these lovely kitchens.

Will post some pics in about a week's time. Let me see what ideas I can get (and successfully execute) from these pics. 


Emreen said...

The kitchen in the second picture (minus the artwork on the wall) looks different and lovely... Love the driftwood coffee table... and the lovely flowers.. !!
Love the storage option for oranges in the last picture...

Hellohello baby said...

Lovely images. I specially love the first one. Carpets may not be practical in a kitchen, but it gives it such a warm and cosy feel. Cant wait to see yours when your done! :)

Anonymous said...

All those kitchens seem to have less counter space and storage space than yours, so I'm curious to see how you will incorporate ideas from there.

One tip, make sure your refrigerator door opens the right way - I've lived in 5 different houses the last five years and we have had to change the door in every one of them!!! Its awful when you have to walk around the door whilst you move things in and out.

Shanthi said...

I thought your kitchen looked way better than any of these. But true - change is needed, so good luck :-)

Kamini said...

Emreen - yes, that artwork needs to go I agree
HHB - agree on the carpet comment, ESPECIALLY here in India. But I have a washable carpet, something I bought in the US, I might use that if my one dog - yes same kitchen loving dog does not rip it apart!
Sang - I am trying to get ideas on where and how to store and display my dishes, pottery etc so I can take them off the counter, but still keep them visible
Shanthi - need space Shanthi, more counter space. I know, my mom thinks I am mad too and says I need more counter space to keep empty!!!!

purplehomes said...

Well, I revisited your kitchen and its looks fab but your right about getting bored with the same things and the same look. One reason why i am always in the middle of doing my home..ALWAYS! Good luck with your kitchen makeover...can't wait to see what you come up with.

Sound Horn Please said...

THe 1st few photos are going into my inspiration folder K :)

Anonymous said...

to display your dishes and pottery. you can make glass cabinet doors. but most important of all - put an under-shelf light - the same way an expensive bag is displayed with an overhead spot light.

2. Since you get bored you can keep the pieces rotating.

3. the stove, the sink and the fridge should be in a triangular position.

5. indian pantries are full of spices and since you travel a lot and get many - you can organize them as the chinese shelf, the thai shelf, the italian shelf - display your spices

Display your beans in a glass jar ! Don't hide them . Let the food , spices and the pottery be your color for your kitchen.

The galley kitchen is small on space, but when organized it is very efficient.

the island in the center, should be on wheels - this way you can move it around and can maximize your counter space.

i like a white cabinet kitchen, because it makes the kitchen - light and airy, and especially if you have a well kept cabinet - with the pottery, spices, and different lentils that you have - you draw attention to them than the cabinets itself.

Under cabinet lighting - how did i forget that ?

that's my 2 cents


Kamini said...

Sneha,Sang: This is just a aesthetic change, not a remodel. So the kitchen triangle - stove, sink, frig - , cabinets and undercounter lighting....stay the way they are. I am looking more to reorg so I can display dishes better, maybe add some paint color, remove some cabinet doors and open up the shelves, add some artwork...that sort of thing! Also this being India, dust is a huge issue so I have to make sure a prettier kitchen doesn't mean more dusting!! Anyway, some changes are happening...including a DIY in which my sabji wala round the corner is involved. Will post pics when its all done.....

Patricia Torres said...

I like all the images.. a few minus and a few pluses to give it my own touch.. :-)