Friday, June 18, 2010

It's childs play........!

One of my prized possessions is my collection of miniature kitchen sets handed down from my grandma to my mom and then to me. Little kids all over the world love nothing more than to toodle around with tiny-hand sized tea sets and cooking sets....making pretend food and serving them to us patient moms and dads! The only thing that differs is probably the kind of kitchen sets they use. In the US I have seen them in plastic and maybe even china, in India they are traditionally made of brassware or stainless steel! And whearas in the US and UK they will dish up tea and cookies and cakes, in India they will happily make dal and roti and rice!!! I fear the little kitchen sets are becoming extinct now....I cannot remember the last time I saw a kid play with one!
I have 4 sets that were handed down to me in silver, brass, mud (which has been painted gold) and grey stoneware. To this I added a painted wood set I found locally and a marble set I bought in Bodh Gaya. Here they are...the utensils you see are just miniatures of the ones that are used even today in many Indian kitchens; the flowers are more for you to get a feeling of scale...but they also look pretty I guess!
Silver set
Close up
On a silver platter
Painted wood
Up close and personal
Mud painted with gold paint
Take a closer look
White marble
Grey stoneware....bigger pieces are still used today in some traditional kitchens


GB said...

Oh! I played with a laquered wood set just like that!- mine was blue with red accents. And my mom still has a ceramic brown and cream miniature tea set (I think it was from Calcutta)- I was never allowed to play with it (it held some sentimental value for my mom) so it survived all these years. I love this post- brought back loads of memories. :)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.. You have all these... they are gorgeous!!

Sreelu said...

Hey I used to have a cooking set made of silver while growing up, well I still have it. It was super cute.

Glad to have stumbled upon your blog via OUATT.

Loved your blog and can't wait for more.

Sudha said...

the brass kitchen set reminds me of my paati;s collection

eve's lungs said...

Love this . I had 2 sets of painted wooden kitchen sets from varanasi - one in red and black , the other in lime and black and loads stainless steel ones too - lovely things

sudha said...

You took me back to my childhood days. I had the wood painted one, mine was painted in pink, green, red and white colors.I loved your brass set.